About Me


Hi. My Name is Danyal Mubashir and I love music. I have been playing music since i was little kid. From flute to drums – I have played a little bit of everything. Currently, I am in college and I do not have time to play music as regularly as I used to in high school, nonetheless, I still get many people asking me about basic stuff about music. 

I have seen that people are afraid of music, and overestimate the difficulty of it. They think they need to be gifted or have some natural talent in order to be decent at playing any instrument – which is total BS in my opinion.

Albert Einstein once said that ‘as an artist, or a musician, Mozart was not a man of this world’.

Which is true, and without a doubt he had extradorinaiy talents regarding music. But he was not born with them, he made them. Mozart was not a genius, but a very hard-working boy.  He used to go to concerts every night when he was a boy, meet musicians, and leant as many things as he could from them. He was very practical about his work and wanted to learn everything that he could about music. 

This is why I created Mozziki, in honor of Mozart. This site is made to help you find you get easy with music, and ignite your inner Mozart.