About Us

Hi there, thank you for visiting Mozziki!

My name is Josh Melander, I am an amateur musician (heavy emphasis on the amateur part ๐Ÿ˜‰). More importantly, I am a lifelong music enthusiast.

My earliest memories of selfdom are hearing music I liked (Queen, Tom Petty, Abba), then finding more like it. I index towards pop music, I love seeing the creativity and direction that musicians take the art form. Lately, I’ve been into jazz though, oddly enough, for the same reasons!

My cousin, Tyler, and I at the Kilby Block Party in Salt Lake City, Utah

I started Mozziki because music has been the ultimate spice of my life – from enhancing the most mundane parts of my day (ahem, chores), to facilitating wonderful experiences like traveling with friends to see our favorite band.

My mission is to encourage music participation in the lives of as many people as possible.

But I couldn’t do it alone…

Along my journey as a music lover, I have met all kinds of people that share the same love, but have engaged with it in their own unique way. Whenever possible I bring them in to share their experience, expertise, and joy for music.

You can meet them all below ๐Ÿ‘‡


Tyler Harris

Tyler picked up a guitar at 12 and went to quit the soccer team the next day.

He joined his first band before he could drive and has been dedicated to his craft in the 10 years since. Music is Tyler’s life, he lives and breaths all aspects from, playing live, recording and mastering, songwriting, branding, etc. Everything that goes into being a musician these days.

He is Mozziki’s resident instrument and production expert. As well as our gift guides for musicians connoisseurs ๐Ÿ˜‰.

If you want to hear some of Tyler’s music, check out his bands (past & present) on Spotify:

Liz Sullivan

picture of liz sullivan

Liz Sullivan has been involved in music writing and promotion for over 25 years.

She is passionate about sharing her love of music with the world and believes that everyone should have the opportunities that come with a musical education. A keen musician, Liz plays the saxophone and tenor horn and dabbles in electronic music production.

Originally from the UK, she lives in Turin, Italy with her partner and ever-growing collection of plants.