Our Top Books For Kids To Learn The Violin

In my opinion, the violin is one of the most beautiful instruments out there, and the kids love it. Although it could seem a little daunting to start off the instruments, that is only if you do not know where to begin with. That is why we have so many amazing books in the market to help you with your child to learn this amazing instrument. So, if you have recently bought a violin for your kid, then this article is for you. As in this read, we would talk about our favorite and the best violin books for kids.

Learning the Violin, Book One: Expanded Edition

Now, this is a book I would recommend for absolute beginners, for kids who just got into violins. This is an excellent book, not only for kids but for anyone who is just starting out the violin.

This book explains the instrument thoroughly. One thing I love about this book is that it takes one step at a time. It will not be teaching you two things at the same thing, it will teach you one, and then move on to the other.

The book starts off with short exercises, which are easy to read and understand, and then slowly progress towards a bit lengthy ones. It is targeted towards kids aged 5 to 9, but I would recommend this to anyone who has difficulty reading the notes.

I would highly recommend this book to buy for your child if he doesn’t have any prior musical experience, or is just starting out. This book would do him wonders.

If you’re interested in this book, then you can get it from Amazon through this link.

The Violin Fun Book: for Young Students

This is one of the best books available in the market for kids to learn the violin. It is an extremely beginner-friendly book, that has big notations and pictures to attract the child.

Since this is a children’s violin book, thus it is made to attract them as well. The name of the songs in this book is funny (at least to kids), which makes them enjoy learning the song.

Since this book has big pictures, annotations, notes – it is not difficult for the child to read the book on his own as well. Although, I wouldn’t call this a lesson book, but more of a supplement book for a kid who already knows aa little about the violin.

If you’re interested in this book, then you can get it from Amazon through this link.

My First Violin Fun Book: For ages 4 to 7

This is another great violin book to introduce it to your kid. Although this one is for very little kids, who just like to play the violin.

This book doesn’t go much in-depth with how to play the violin, but it would at least make your child familiar with the instrument, and basic stuff regarding it.

This book has other activities in it as well; such as coloring and drawing the violin. Therefore, if you are a parent whose child is showing interest in the violin, or you want your child to pick off this amazing instrument, then I would recommend this book.

You can get it on Amazon from here.

Sassmannshaus, Kurt – Early Start on the Violin

This is a slightly advanced book for your kid. Although this can be the perfect first purchase for your kid as well, however, it is not that beginner-friendly as the previous books are.

The previous books had large shapes, notes, notations, and figures – while this one has a normal-sized one, as it is more focused on teaching the violin.

Early start on the violin has great beginner exercises, and colorful pictures to keep your child engaged as he or she is learning. However, I would suggest this book as the second book for your child.

If you are interested in this book, then you can get it from over here.

The Big Book of Disney Songs: Violin 

The big book of Disney Songs is one of my favorite books. Although this is not your traditional how to play or learn the violin, it more focused on songs.

One of the great things about this book is that they have made the songs easier, for the kids to play them. Now, these songs might not be exactly the same as the Disney songs, but it will give your child a pretty fun experience.

I highly recommend this book if your child knows how to play the violin, and now he is looking for something ‘more’ to explore.

You can get this book from Amazon through this link.

Best Electric Violins For Beginners: Buying Guide 2022

Best Electric Violins

Here is some valuable information if you’re showing a lot of interest in learning how to play an electric violin or is willing to replace the existing model. As well as analyze these instruments to assist you in deciding the best electric violin for your kid, that will best suit your child’s requirements and your pocket.

To identify a good electric violin, we have experimented with different models that old customers highly praised. Eventually, we settled on a handful of the greatest violins, which you will see below and select the most suitable violin for yourself.

I would first briefly like to list the electric violins we would be talking about in this read.

Our list at a glance

How to Distinguish Between an Electric Violin and an Acoustic Violin

The traditional acoustic violin extends over a bridge created from maple that shifts sound waves to the soundboard all the way from the tuning pegs to a tailpiece.

However, electric accessories can be equipped with an acoustic violin. A true electric violin has pickups constructed-in to magnify its tone. To stop resonance-induced noise in the empty structure of the instrument, electric violins typically have sturdy heads, and often have streamlined structures to a lighter weight.

If you are searching for an electric violin that will be used by a beginner or a kid, take into account the style of music they would like to learn, take over or easily play. For instance, if your kid learns classical violin and really liked the look of an electric violin, they’ll probably be more inspired to simply play an electric violin (and will make sure to practice it often). Acoustic and electric violins have comparable fundamentals of performing, so it is not too challenging to leap from one to the other.

1. Cecilio CEVN-2NA Solid Wood Electric/Silent

Why is an electric violin such as this Cecilio instrument referred to as “silent” for those viewers new to violins? This violin is assumed to be logged in, magnified, or used with headphones, like an electric violin vs. an acoustic one. And while it’s sound-generating, it’s much, several times louder than an acoustic design. Another word or two to purchasers is that any artist who has begun with an inexpensive or poorly made tool can tell you it simply prevents learning.

If anyone is planning to take on the violin, our recommendation will be that: get something that can certainly carry a tune and avoid being dumped or banged. You can spend some extra money but get a top-notch product that will last you for a longer time than buying something cheap and wasting your money.

The Cecilio CEVN comes equipped with regular violin D’Addario strings. So, this really is a sort of all-in-one kit. This kit is usually very helpful for anyone who buys it. The electric violins Cecilio CEVN can be found in 2 sizes. 4/4 (or full size) or 3/4.

Chances are you’re going to have to consider a 4/4 or 3/4, which came down to the wrist’s neck length of the violinist. Many claim, mid-palm, but you’ll be instructed by experienced teachers to compare to hand.

Furthermore, it also comes in 5 different colors: black, blue, white, mahogany and yellow. Thus you can easily get the instrument in your favorite color.

Therefore, I would suggest this electric violin if your child is aged around 12 or above.

Amazon product

2. Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood

I love Cecilio. I would recommend this violin if you’re looking for a smaller sized electric violin, maybe for a kid, or maybe you just wanted a traditional looking electric violin.

The Cecilio CVN-300 Violin is a perfect option for a learner violin as it provides a complete outfit, including accessories that you might need to buy on additionally when you purchase other brands of violins. Although the instrument is priced at a reasonable cost, it still requires quality materials to guarantee that all parts of the violin are of good quality.

It’s also an adaptable musical instrument that you can effectively use as a learner starting with the instrument, and as you begin to progress, the Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Violin will develop for you, and it can be used as with little or no upgrade required.

A perfect instrument for both beginners and more experienced players, because it is simple to play which can be used for quite many years without updating

Appropriately aged wood guarantees that the components used are excellently dried and do not warp needlessly. It also guarantees that the violin produces a trustworthy quality of sound and is sufficiently durable to withstand continuous use. The fine tuner offered is readily used for tuning, even by learners. It is also rendered of high-quality nickel to make it resilient. Inventory strings are rendered of quality components with just the correct balance of friction. The hard case ensures that the instrument is easy to carry and also secure when passed around.

It doesn’t tolerate weather shifts very well and can be easily damaged, as per a few individuals who used this item. Some have their strings snap quickly for learners, but for more experienced players, you may want to wait for a better performing violin.

However for beginners, it comes with all the accessories you want, so it is perfect for you as your stater electric violin.

Amazon product

3. Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin

This violin is one of the most highly reviewed electric violins in the market that come with a lifetime warranty. So, you may rest easy knowing this instrument will last endless training runs and even rock concerts when you reach that level.

The coolest part is that you don’t have to think about its configuration, because from the instant you unlock the violin case, this device is set up and good enough to play.

Besides this, the violin’s body is made by hand from strong maple timber while the fixtures are made of plain ebony. Also, you will find anything you need to conduct effectively from within the product bundle, such as a full-suspension violin case equipped with straps and various accessory bunks, a strong mini-amp, over-ear headphones, a patch cord, rosin, and a polishing cloth.

Oh, and of course, kudos to the 3.5 mm audio jack port, you may couple it with other machines of your own. The violin features a 9-volt battery shown in the frame and regulates sliders for tuning and quantity adjustments.

You now get an amplifier with this instrument that comes with all the restrictions necessary to assist you to hear your tone most graciously, and if that’s not plenty, you may use the same earphones that come with the violin to do so.

This one has a layout that can be characterized as eclectic, as you could anticipate from an electric violin, a remarkable version that will take your fancy. Without any installation needed, you can just pull this violin out from its case, put a few battery packs in, and all are prepared to go. The instrument is a handmade one, and you’ll know that if you have an eye for detail and you look for it.

Its tailpiece has four fine tuners that allow you to adjust the melody dynamically. However, It really doesn’t keep its tuning too well, and you’ll have to continue making little modifications constantly so you’ll need a chromatic tuner, as well.

Amazon product

4. Yamaha Electric Violin-YEV105NT-Natural-5 String

Some actually like an electric violin that incorporates traditional as well as up-to-date layout. You thus gain efficiency from the easiness of simple lines but also the highly efficient degree that only electronic music instruments have.

Compact and beautifully designed, this instrument is easy to manage and that you can play a number of sessions without having to spend a significant amount of cash. An amazing thing to notice is that this instrument is constructed from 6v wood varieties to give an authentic, raw, yet resonant look identical to an audible hiss itself. As you unpack the violin, simply connect it into amplification and begin playing the song you want. You wouldn’t need extra items such as batteries, preamps, or headphones.

The mixture of colors is highly appealing, making it ideal for live concert events to play or just to brighten up your child’s mood with so many colors to rock. The ones that come out while this violin is being used also sound extremely clear. You just have a violin with this model that perfectly captures the elegant traditional look with a different twist.

It is a handy tool that can execute wonderfully and will start giving you the level of consistency you anticipate from a Yamaha violin, so look up our review too if you love the product but choose a classical electric violin.

The violin has a beautiful design, but it is made to be lightweight as well. That means you can play more comfortably on it because it’s easier to manage. The violin is made of high-end wood and is capable of allowing a more evocative sound and a natural tone, even if it is magnified a violin which can be made use of as soon as you get it out of the box, as it requires no assembly, and it has no batteries. You may need to modify the bridge slightly to get the best experience feasible out of it.

Amazon product


We hope by now you are informed about the electric violins that you can purchase, or order online with peace of mind.

Electric violins are a great way to introduce yourself or your child to the world of music. That is why we listed the best electric violin for kids that are available in the market – as of 2020.

However, if you’re interested in classical violins for your kid, then you can also check them out in our article on the best violins for kids.


Can you plug headphones into an electric violin?

You can plug electric violins with headphones! Regardless of the model, the pickup, the headphones. Electric violins can all be used with headphones but not all of them connect with the instrument the same way

Can electric violin work without amp?

Although an electric guitar has no sound box. 
Mechanical violins need to amplify it through an external device such as an amp or speakers to hear the sound that has been played. By comparison, the audience will not hear an electric violin that is not wired to an amp

Do you need Rosin for an electric violin?

Electric violin instruments use normal strings under normal tension. Therefore, any traditional horsehair bow and rosin combo will work.

Why do electric violins have 5 strings?

To boost the stability of the C string the body may be slightly wider and deeper. This features a bigger pegbox for fifth string to handle. A five string violin is smaller than a viola though larger than a traditional violin.

Best Beginner Violins For Kids Aged 7 to 15 – 2022: Guide for Parents

Best Electric Violins for Kid

Music is an art for the soul. These days there are many instruments in the market ranging from hundreds of types of guitars, drums, and pianos; however, if there is one instrument we can never have enough of, it is the violin. In the following article, we will talk about the best violins for kids.

The violin’s sound is one of the most soothing to the ears (quite literally) and gets you in a peaceful zone that no other instrument can. So if your child wants to learn to play an instrument, don’t stop them. These are the skills that will help them stand out from the crowd, and research suggests that people learn better at a young age compared to when they are older.

We have compiled a list of the best violins that you could get your children. But before you select a violin, you must know that children have various requirements and degrees of expertise relative to mature players, and their particular situations must be considered.

Before we dive deep into the details, these are the violins we will talk about in our post.

Our list at a Glance

There are several factors to consider before deciding on the violin for your kid. Such as the height, skill, and level of knowledge of your child in performing the instrument. All of these factors play a vital role in figuring out the best violin for your child.

Hopefully, this table would help you to make an educated decision before buying the violin for your kid. We analyzed the expert opinions of professional trainers and examined critical buyer feedback to help determine the most appropriate choices for your child.

What to look for when buying your kid’s first violin?

Before we start with the list, I would like to quickly point out a few things you should be looking out for before purchasing a violin for your child.

  • The size of the violin
  • The type of violin

We would explain all of these things in detail as we progress with the article.

Quick Cheat Sheet for Kid’s Violin Size

Below I made a table for you to refer to the size of the violin for your kid. Keep this table in mind while checking out violins.

What Type of Violin Should I Get For my Kid: Classical or Electrical?

The answer totally depends on your child!

There is no hard and fast rule for what is the best violin for kids. It all depends on what he or she likes to play. If your kid wants to play and learn an electrical violin, then so be it! If he wants to play the normal or so-called classical stringed violin, then so be it. It totally depends on your child.

A child learns the fastest when he is doing what he loves. However, if your child does not have a specific opinion on this matter, then the classical violin would be the best for him. Unlike the electrical violin, a classical violin has nylon strings instead of steel strings. Nylon strings are easy on the finger, and they are easier to press and play when compared with a steel strings. And if your kid is a beginner learner, then he should spend the maximum amount of time with the violin and practice more and more with it.

However, if you are interested in electric violins, then you can check our article on the best electric violins.

1. Cremona SV-175 – Our Favorite Violin For Kids

This is one of the best violins for kids. Not only for kids or beginners, to be honest, but even professionals can use it.

Although this violin comes in our budget list, they do not compromise on the quality of the instrument

The violin is made up of a hand-carved solid maple and spruce body. While the fingerboard is made up of ebony. This gives great playability and feels when playing the violin.

It is good that it includes commonly formed accessories. That makes playing simpler for the new violin players.

Every violin includes a chin rest, Swiss-shaped pegs, and the CremonaVP-203 Bridge in Kaufman form. The version is also compact, with a not-so-heavy composite tailpiece for greater handling and four fine tuners.

Each violin from Cremona arrives with Prelude strings manufactured in the United States of America. In regards to its excellent sound, the violin showcases a warm brown skin that is sufficiently transparent yet to display the wood grain to offer visual appeal.

To maintain a conventional look. The finish is put in thin coats to ensure the security of the wood, and its neck is greased for improved sound.

Every outfit includes the famous violin case TL-33 with a constructed-in hygrometer and an octagonal Brazilwood string with an ebony frog and unscented horsehair. Most of its characteristics come together to build an inexpensive violin that has characteristics at the professional level.

Some of the biggest benefits of this violin are that it is handmade and that it has a premium development, which leaves you feeling as though you have a remarkable violin.

It’s so compact and easy to carry, which is absolutely essential when you’re a novice, and you’re struggling with posture and carrying the violin because the instrument has a powerful sound, and that’s because of the maple and spruce body. Thanks to the good tuners discovered at the tailpiece, you can modify its tone specifically.

However, it is a good violin because it arrives with a compact octagonal bow, and you’ll note that this violin has a great smooth reaction. For it, you do get a package, and it’s a long-lasting one, but light enough. You will discover, though, that the pegs have a tiny propensity to slip, which occasionally makes the instrument go out of tune.

Cremona SV-75 Premier Novice Violin Outfit - 3/4 Size

The value over price of this violin is the best in the market

Check Price
08/19/2022 07:10 pm GMT

2.   Mendini MV300 Student Violin

The Mendini MV300 is a standard-sized violin of remarkably high-quality construction. This is also one of the best violins for kids.

It might not be as per the professional standards, but it fits as a novice instrument very well. Making it a reasonable option as one of the better violins for beginners.

This violin is also rated highly by several performers and violin teachers as a professional standard for lessons. The instrument is crafted with a sturdy spruce top hand-carved because its back and sides are crafted of hardwood maple.

Maple wood is used to construct the fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest of the violin. This design has a steel tailpiece with four fine tuners.

Even with the provided bow, it is quite easy to create a good sound on the instrument for those just learning it. One of the finest things about this learning violin is that it arrives with a lot of special parts that would usually cost $30 to $40 more.

It arrives with an excessive amount of strings that are helpful for a novice to tune the unit first. An additional bridge that’s helpful for a learner who might mistakenly crack their delicate piece when trying to put it together.

The Mendini MV300 arrives with a lightweight carry case. In terms of extra strings and bridge, featuring braces. That enables it to be carried as a backpack.

The added Brazilwood bow includes authentic unbleached Mongolian horsehair, as well as rosin and flexible shoulders support to make a fantastic kit for learners starting out. The MV300’s most defined attribute is its size. This makes it the perfect violin for the learner player to practice with. The player can give away this model after maintaining this violin during most of the learning period, and spend in a more advanced system as their expertise enhances.

Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Kids & Adults

The closest to a professional violin under $100

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08/19/2022 07:23 pm GMT

3. ADM Handcrafted Solid Wood Student Violin

ADM’s beginner instruments are intended to offer an outstanding tone, aesthetic look longevity, and usability, within a budget. All together to guarantee that learners make the finest choice possible.

For younger players, even veteran players suggest this design. As it offers the very same primitive operations as a professional would encounter from a more expensive model. As it allows the child to get used to the violin, and get a feel for it.

The prices make it a good alternative for those who are not confident about their fun commitment. If the child no longer wants to play the violin or move to a new instrument.

This violin can be found in black and blue color schemes, but the red-brown finish is extremely popular. Educators and many parents are fascinated by its construction. Children also love its look and performance. They also praise that the violin has an incredible sound.

It is rendered from a solid spruce top hand-carved. With pegs of rosewood, fingerboard, and chin support.

To give the best durability, acoustics, and reaction, it has a hand-carved maple front, back, and sides. It has an aluminum tailpiece and four finely tuned-tuners. The Brazilwood bow is of excellent quality. This is strongly suggested as one which allows better performance for kids who are just starting out with the instrument. Besides its two bridges and additional string package, the version arrives along with a molded foam travel case. Which can be used as a backpack. In order to maintain the violin’s safety, it has a sturdy nylon surface with an upholstered plush interior.

This student violin from ADM is wonderful for those seeking a usable violin while eliminating greater prices.

ADM Full Size 4/4 Acoustic Violin Set for Kids Beginners Students

ADM is a classic brand for beginners.

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08/19/2022 08:31 pm GMT

4. SKY Children’s Violin

This could very well have been one of the most exquisite violins available on the market for kids. Which is recognized for its reasonable price with excellent results. And this is one of the best violins for smaller kids.

It is engineered for new students to undertake their first moves in the music world. The package is a simpler one–the size of 1:16. Which is perfect for kids who want to spend time enhancing their skills with the violin.

The breadth of the 8-inch violins makes it light and simple for anyone with tiny hands to use. The hand-carved instrument appears as good as it looks, rendering it appealing to youngsters, with a blue high gloss finish. The violin is set up by the manufacturer, and after fitting, it can be used instantly.

Rather than fiberglass, particle wood was made use of to allow the best. And the most efficient tone from the body and neck of the violin. Often included on the line are hardwood pegs, fingerboard, and chin rest. This aims at helping children who are having their first classes. In the package, there is a Mongolian horsehair bow and a rain-proofed compact case.

Consumers also noted that it still sounds like a complete violin. Although it is a very fragile and compact instrument, it looks very attractive and sweet. Holding the excitement strong, is a good thing when thinking about kids.

Considering it’s a 1/16 model. It is indeed clear that it is for young children, and when small kids use it. It does a wonderful job since it only is 8 inches. The violin arrives with a lovely horsehair bow. That assists your kid to easily learn the violin and produce its sound with their delicate hands. Since it is likely some kids will manage it heavily, it has a strong and reliable building.

This violin appears to be weak because small in size. However, it is constructed of very powerful components. It has a slender neck and is therefore perfect for those with tiny hands. This instrument will have an emotional bond for most kids with a glossy blue look. It’s not created from fiberglass, but wood for the amazing sound of the violin.

However, it should be noted that it’s not going to come with additional strings or rosin. You will you’re going to have to purchase those separately if your string breaks. Nevertheless, it is still a good option.

SKY Brand New Children's Violin 1/16 Size Pink Color

These are cute and colorful for that extra personalization. Also comes in blue.

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08/19/2022 08:44 pm GMT

5. Cremona SV-500 Student Violin

Here is another violin by Cremona. This guitar is made for the bit experienced, novice players and progressing learners.

The sound quality of this guitar is one of the best. This violin showcases a solid material top with hand-carved ends of the maple, back, neck and scroll. Furthermore, to provide the best experience for the beginner violinist. The finest wood is used to create the guitar. Therefore, neither sound nor playability is compromised.

The violin is composed of an ebony fingerboard and boxwood accessories to ensure reliable and seamless play. It showcases a lightweight building made from solid maple and spruce body, which is hand-carved.

We like everything that tends to come with a great compact complex tailpiece with four smooth fine tuners, and it attributes the proper string height and thickness for precise finger placement and tonal command. Every Cremona SV-500 version arrives with Prelude strings manufactured in the US, which are the students’ favorite strings dependent on teacher approvals. Which helps to produce really good sounds.

It arrives with the 3-star bridge CremonaVP-203 and is accessible with a warm brown finish that enables the natural grain to show across.

It will come with the TL-33 Travelite cover with an incorporated hygrometer for long-lasting and lightweight safety, together with J’s LB-15 Brazilwood Bow LaSalle of unbleached, authentic horsehair.

The Cremona SV-500 violin edition is a perfect sample of a style of quality and efficiency that both outweigh its size, and at its price bracket, this edition is one of the best on the market.

Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin Outfit - 3/4 Size

The most premium student violin

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08/20/2022 01:58 am GMT

Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Violin For Your Child

The violin’s tone, usability, and artistry are among the majorly significant characteristic for any instrument, but kids have different requirements for their instrument than adults. So to pick the best violin for your kid, you need to know a few things.

Size of the violin

Trying to play on an instrument of the improper size is entirely counterproductive to the enjoyment and willingness of your kid to grow as a performer.

As we talk about a violin for children, the biggest mistake that you can make is giving your child a violin that is too large for them to play.

Before you use the violin for your kid, you should consider their age, height, weight, hand shape, and skill level for a suitable match.

It’s better for newbies to strive for smaller models rather than bigger ones. The simplest method to find the correct size is to position the violin across the scroll on the kid’s shoulder as they put their hand up to play it. The kid must be in a position to do this easily with a curved elbow.

String Types

At all points, there are several varieties of good quality violin strings accessible, and many of them stick out as the most well-known styles. Most modern violins come equipped with steel strings.

The drawback is that these strings can be rough on the delicate fingers of kids. Many companies of excellent non-metal cores strings exist, such as:

  • Corelli
  • Pirastro
  • Thomastik
  • D’Addario
  • Larsen

What is a Bridge

Bridge positioning, consistency, and form are among the most prominent elements of a well-made violin layout. Children’s violins can need help from an experienced player or a music shop for proper installation. However, it is already positioned if you order it online.

If the bridge is positioned too high, then pressing the strings can be difficult for kids. That can cause hand pains for the child.

It is also important to know that the strings are adequately stretched and well-tuned.

Note about the Chin Rest

If the chin rest is incorrectly formed or placed. Then it renders the child’s grip on the violin uncomfortable or even difficult. Good chin rest would match the child’s chin form easily. Allowing them to keep their heads straight when staring at the fingerboard.

Many chin rests have a strong ridge with regular chin rests, which is a frequent cause of pain and annoyance. Many children’s violins come with a chin rest mounted, but the stock device may need to be replaced. Whereas convenience is the primary concern, it’s a detriment in terms of cost.

Shoulder Rest

Shoulder rest should express a great balance between softness and hardness for a children’s violin. A good shoulder rest helps the kid also to have a good posture. This enables the learner to perform without stress or irritation and enables the clean resonance of the violin. A fresh children’s instrument will surely come with a somewhat configured shoulder rest. But most of them are of bad quality. Like the chin rest, one can substitute the shoulder rest for a better deal.

Age of the violin

This piece of information is for the parents whose child has been playing the violin for some time and the child knows as well what he is getting.

Many parents agree to purchase a newly manufactured violin, but they should know that it’s not important. Owning an older violin offers many perks. And how wonderful this can be for those in the household who have violin performers to transfer their violins to the kids in the family.

Relative to newer models, violins from older labels often have stronger track records in terms of artistry and products, which you can trust for accuracy. A mature violin’s tonal quality is typically more functional since the wood has had time to season and improve the tone. It requires time for a new instrument to “break in” before it creates its true tone, but an older violin will already be of this nature. That is even more valid if it’s been played seriously and maintained in form.

However, this shouldn’t really matter if your child is just getting into the world of violins.


Hopefully, now you are well informed about the important and special elements of buying your kid the right violin. Ideally, the above knowledge has addressed many of your concerns so that you can continue to find the perfect method. To decide how to pinpoint the options for your dream piece, make a list with your most key features.

Kids have different priorities and degrees of ability depending on their involvement, family background, or specific skills, and kids’ violins will vary from simplistic novice models to complex parts.

Now, all that is needed for you is to combine the knowledge you have learned here with your own hands-on assessments for every part of finding a violin for children. So that you are able to provide a good base for the coming years. Hopefully, we were able to inform you of the best violin for your kid.


How much does a child’s violin cost?

Beginner violin costs will vary from as little as $50 to as much as $500 for young children. Some instruments in this category will include an arch and a secure carrying case or other accessories for violins

Can a 5 year old learn violin?

Due to the Suzuki method and scaled-down instruments, children as young as three will begin studying with a professional violin teacher. There is more to take into consideration than size and age though. Five and six are the best age for other children. Jan 5, 2014

How long is a 1/4 size violin?

Violins come in eight major sizes. The size fits the length of the violin’s body (not including the neck and scroll). The smallest common size is 1/16 (just 9 inches or 23 cm), and the sizes work up to 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8 and finally 4/4 or full size (approximately 14 inches or 36 cm)

How much does a violin bow cost?

A bow for a beginner can cost between $50-$ 200, while professional bows will cost thousands of dollars, and even tens of thousands of antique bows. If you’re an accomplished violin student as a possible occupation, don’t hesitate to spend $500-$1200 for the perfect bow anywhere.

Are horses killed for violin bows?

So no horses are killed or harmed to get the violin bows for horse hair. Violin bows are also made of synthetic hair, however the best bows are made of horse hair.

Best Books To Learn The Violin: For Beginners To Advance Violinists

Best books to learn violin

Learning a violin can be a pretty daunting experience. Especially if you don’t know how and where to begin. Every great violinist was once a beginner; even they made mistakes when they newly started out, however it was the practice and the consistency with the violin that made them great.

Books are great teachers, and wonderful friends. They can silently teach you many things, at your desired pace. However, in today’s modern age there are many wonderful books out there in the market, and that becomes difficult for a beginner to pick a book as there are a plethora of booksout there.

Therefore, in this read, we would talk about 5 great books that can teach you the violin. We would discuss violin books for beginners, experienced players, exercise books, and violin books on music theory. We have everything covered that you need to kickstart playing the violin. 

The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner – Janice Tucker

This book can be your greatest friend if you have recently picked up the violin. As the title suggests, it literally teaches you the ABC of violin!

The reason why this book is on the top of the list is because it simply organised in a very well way. It has the perfect learning curve for beginners; not too difficult, nor too easy. Which makes it fun to learn violin.

This book is great if you want to learn how to read and play the music notations. It has some great exercise songs in it as well. And teaches you where and how to place your fingers while playing a song. Plus, it comes with a DVD which can be extremely helpful while learning new songs as you would know how to exactly play them.

This book covers almost everything; from theory to practical. If you want to learn the violin, then I advise you to buy this book. This will be a great asset for your learning.

Essential Elements for Strings – Micheal Allen

This is another great book for beginner violinist – although I recommend this book as your second book, or if you already have some knowledge of violin.

If you are a parent looking to buy a book for his kid, or have some friends who are also into music, then you should defiantly get this book. As this book is a little bit ‘classroom’ orientated. Don’t get me wrong, a solo player can enjoy this book as well, but then you would also need to take their online lessons (it comes with the book) to properly utilise it. This book as some great exercises which kids or even adults can enjoy themselves playing, which aids to learn the violin

The thing I really love about this book is that you get an online access of their site with it. Over-there, there are background music to play with the songs (exercises) which makes the learning experience significantly better.

Suzuki Violin School – Dr.Shinichi Suzuki

This book was written by a Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki in the mid-20th century.

This book is aimed for children, but even beginner adults can use this book to learn the violin. The exercises in this book starts off relatively easy exercises, and gets complex as the book progress.

This book is not about music theory, or learning how to read music, but instead focuses on songs and exercises – with tips on how to play them. This book doesn’t have the convectional methods to learn violin, but fun ones.  

Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching – Ivan Galamian

Now this book is aimed towards experienced violinists. This book is excellent for intermediate to advance violin players as this book is directed towards the philosophy of playing the violin.

Although this book is technically meant for teachers, but experienced students can utilise this book as well. As this book deals with things like how to play the violin, what are the bad habits while playing it, dos and dont’s etc.

I would recommend this book if you know a little about violin and what to properly brush up your skills to take them to the next level.

The Big Book of Disney Songs: Violin – Hal Leonard

If you are Disney fan then it is no brainer to pick this book up. This book has more than 70 songs in it, which even the beginners can you. The author is an extremely credibly person as well, as he has created many music related materials.

This can be a perfect gift for a kid who recently picked up the violin. I even encourage adults to give it aa try since Disney has some great songs!

Final Note

Books are an extremely effective way to learn anything, and this goes for violins as well. You can learn violin pretty easily even if you study one book. Do not be daunted by them. You do not exactly need to read or master every book on the table.

As Bacon once beautifully said,

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested?”

And that is the same case with violin books.

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