Best Electric Violins

Here is some valuable information if you’re showing a lot of interest in learning how to play an electric violin or is willing to replace the existing model. As well as analyze these instruments to assist you in deciding the best electric violin for your kid, that will best suit your child’s requirements and your pocket.

To identify a good electric violin, we have experimented with different models that old customers highly praised. Eventually, we settled on a handful of the greatest violins, which you will see below and select the most suitable violin for yourself.

I would first briefly like to list the electric violins we would be talking about in this read.

Our list at a glance

How to Distinguish Between an Electric Violin and an Acoustic Violin

The traditional acoustic violin extends over a bridge created from maple that shifts sound waves to the soundboard all the way from the tuning pegs to a tailpiece.

However, electric accessories can be equipped with an acoustic violin. A true electric violin has pickups constructed-in to magnify its tone. To stop resonance-induced noise in the empty structure of the instrument, electric violins typically have sturdy heads, and often have streamlined structures to a lighter weight.

If you are searching for an electric violin that will be used by a beginner or a kid, take into account the style of music they would like to learn, take over or easily play. For instance, if your kid learns classical violin and really liked the look of an electric violin, they’ll probably be more inspired to simply play an electric violin (and will make sure to practice it often). Acoustic and electric violins have comparable fundamentals of performing, so it is not too challenging to leap from one to the other.

1. Cecilio CEVN-2NA Solid Wood Electric/Silent

Why is an electric violin such as this Cecilio instrument referred to as “silent” for those viewers new to violins? This violin is assumed to be logged in, magnified, or used with headphones, like an electric violin vs. an acoustic one. And while it’s sound-generating, it’s much, several times louder than an acoustic design. Another word or two to purchasers is that any artist who has begun with an inexpensive or poorly made tool can tell you it simply prevents learning.

If anyone is planning to take on the violin, our recommendation will be that: get something that can certainly carry a tune and avoid being dumped or banged. You can spend some extra money but get a top-notch product that will last you for a longer time than buying something cheap and wasting your money.

The Cecilio CEVN comes equipped with regular violin D’Addario strings. So, this really is a sort of all-in-one kit. This kit is usually very helpful for anyone who buys it. The electric violins Cecilio CEVN can be found in 2 sizes. 4/4 (or full size) or 3/4.

Chances are you’re going to have to consider a 4/4 or 3/4, which came down to the wrist’s neck length of the violinist. Many claim, mid-palm, but you’ll be instructed by experienced teachers to compare to hand.

Furthermore, it also comes in 5 different colors: black, blue, white, mahogany and yellow. Thus you can easily get the instrument in your favorite color.

Therefore, I would suggest this electric violin if your child is aged around 12 or above.

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2. Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood

I love Cecilio. I would recommend this violin if you’re looking for a smaller sized electric violin, maybe for a kid, or maybe you just wanted a traditional looking electric violin.

The Cecilio CVN-300 Violin is a perfect option for a learner violin as it provides a complete outfit, including accessories that you might need to buy on additionally when you purchase other brands of violins. Although the instrument is priced at a reasonable cost, it still requires quality materials to guarantee that all parts of the violin are of good quality.

It’s also an adaptable musical instrument that you can effectively use as a learner starting with the instrument, and as you begin to progress, the Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Violin will develop for you, and it can be used as with little or no upgrade required.

A perfect instrument for both beginners and more experienced players, because it is simple to play which can be used for quite many years without updating

Appropriately aged wood guarantees that the components used are excellently dried and do not warp needlessly. It also guarantees that the violin produces a trustworthy quality of sound and is sufficiently durable to withstand continuous use. The fine tuner offered is readily used for tuning, even by learners. It is also rendered of high-quality nickel to make it resilient. Inventory strings are rendered of quality components with just the correct balance of friction. The hard case ensures that the instrument is easy to carry and also secure when passed around.

It doesn’t tolerate weather shifts very well and can be easily damaged, as per a few individuals who used this item. Some have their strings snap quickly for learners, but for more experienced players, you may want to wait for a better performing violin.

However for beginners, it comes with all the accessories you want, so it is perfect for you as your stater electric violin.

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3. Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin

This violin is one of the most highly reviewed electric violins in the market that come with a lifetime warranty. So, you may rest easy knowing this instrument will last endless training runs and even rock concerts when you reach that level.

The coolest part is that you don’t have to think about its configuration, because from the instant you unlock the violin case, this device is set up and good enough to play.

Besides this, the violin’s body is made by hand from strong maple timber while the fixtures are made of plain ebony. Also, you will find anything you need to conduct effectively from within the product bundle, such as a full-suspension violin case equipped with straps and various accessory bunks, a strong mini-amp, over-ear headphones, a patch cord, rosin, and a polishing cloth.

Oh, and of course, kudos to the 3.5 mm audio jack port, you may couple it with other machines of your own. The violin features a 9-volt battery shown in the frame and regulates sliders for tuning and quantity adjustments.

You now get an amplifier with this instrument that comes with all the restrictions necessary to assist you to hear your tone most graciously, and if that’s not plenty, you may use the same earphones that come with the violin to do so.

This one has a layout that can be characterized as eclectic, as you could anticipate from an electric violin, a remarkable version that will take your fancy. Without any installation needed, you can just pull this violin out from its case, put a few battery packs in, and all are prepared to go. The instrument is a handmade one, and you’ll know that if you have an eye for detail and you look for it.

Its tailpiece has four fine tuners that allow you to adjust the melody dynamically. However, It really doesn’t keep its tuning too well, and you’ll have to continue making little modifications constantly so you’ll need a chromatic tuner, as well.

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4. Yamaha Electric Violin-YEV105NT-Natural-5 String

Some actually like an electric violin that incorporates traditional as well as up-to-date layout. You thus gain efficiency from the easiness of simple lines but also the highly efficient degree that only electronic music instruments have.

Compact and beautifully designed, this instrument is easy to manage and that you can play a number of sessions without having to spend a significant amount of cash. An amazing thing to notice is that this instrument is constructed from 6v wood varieties to give an authentic, raw, yet resonant look identical to an audible hiss itself. As you unpack the violin, simply connect it into amplification and begin playing the song you want. You wouldn’t need extra items such as batteries, preamps, or headphones.

The mixture of colors is highly appealing, making it ideal for live concert events to play or just to brighten up your child’s mood with so many colors to rock. The ones that come out while this violin is being used also sound extremely clear. You just have a violin with this model that perfectly captures the elegant traditional look with a different twist.

It is a handy tool that can execute wonderfully and will start giving you the level of consistency you anticipate from a Yamaha violin, so look up our review too if you love the product but choose a classical electric violin.

The violin has a beautiful design, but it is made to be lightweight as well. That means you can play more comfortably on it because it’s easier to manage. The violin is made of high-end wood and is capable of allowing a more evocative sound and a natural tone, even if it is magnified a violin which can be made use of as soon as you get it out of the box, as it requires no assembly, and it has no batteries. You may need to modify the bridge slightly to get the best experience feasible out of it.

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We hope by now you are informed about the electric violins that you can purchase, or order online with peace of mind.

Electric violins are a great way to introduce yourself or your child to the world of music. That is why we listed the best electric violin for kids that are available in the market – as of 2020.

However, if you’re interested in classical violins for your kid, then you can also check them out in our article on the best violins for kids.


Can you plug headphones into an electric violin?

You can plug electric violins with headphones! Regardless of the model, the pickup, the headphones. Electric violins can all be used with headphones but not all of them connect with the instrument the same way

Can electric violin work without amp?

Although an electric guitar has no sound box. 
Mechanical violins need to amplify it through an external device such as an amp or speakers to hear the sound that has been played. By comparison, the audience will not hear an electric violin that is not wired to an amp

Do you need Rosin for an electric violin?

Electric violin instruments use normal strings under normal tension. Therefore, any traditional horsehair bow and rosin combo will work.

Why do electric violins have 5 strings?

To boost the stability of the C string the body may be slightly wider and deeper. This features a bigger pegbox for fifth string to handle. A five string violin is smaller than a viola though larger than a traditional violin.