Best Left-Handed Classical and Acoustic Guitars – 2020

There is no need for me to tell that the world is already a bit mean to left-handed people. If you have been to a guitar shop, there is a very slim chance that they might even have a left-handed guitar. However, fear not, in this article, we will discuss the best possible left-handed guitars in the market for you to play with.

Before we begin with the article, below I have made a table on the guitars we would be talking about in this list.

Before We Begin – Left or Right

Before you begin this article, did you know that left-handed people can play a right-handed guitar as well?

Well, now you do. German researchers have determined, according to an article in Psychology Today, that left-handed musicians showed no signs of physical discomfort and had a more positive outlook than their right-handed colleagues. Therefore, there is no need for you to shy away from music!

If you’re a young player, then you can easily pick up a regular guitar as well. New guitar players usually do not know what they are doing, so the dexterity in their hands is equally distributed. You can easily teach yourself to play a right-handed guitar as well. However, if you’re old, and have been doing tasks with your left hand for the majority of your life, then you might stick to a left-handed guitar as well. Nevertheless, the choice is yours. Only you can decide for yourself what you want to do.

The Budget for A Left-Handed Guitar

Budget is one of the most important things while deciding a guitar, or to be honest, anything to buy. This is usually the main concern for amateur guitar players, as this hobby can cost a lot.

Obviously, if you’re going for a high-end Fender, then it is going to cost you a few thousand dollars. However, left-handed guitars do generally tend to cost a bit more than right-handed guitars. There are many reasons for that, such as less market demand, thus higher economies of scale for producing.

But that doesn’t mean you can get a good quality guitar under 500 dollars, you can even get a great one around 200 dollars. And this is why this article exists, to help you to find those guitars.

Guitar Size

If you are new into guitars, then the sizes of the guitars might look a bit confusing to you. Fear not, as you will become guitar size literate after reading the following two bullet points.

  • A full-size guitar means it is for an adult.
  • 3/4 size guitar means it is for children, teens, or if you want a smaller guitar.

Martin LX1 Little Martin Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar

If you’re looking for a left-handed guitar that won’t break your break, then this is the best option you can get in the market.

This is a 3/4 guitar, and I would recommend this to any left-handed person who is just starting out with the guitar. The guitar is finished with a Mahogany Style – high-pressure lamination, along with a solid Sitka Spruce top. Itself looks and feels amazing, and for around its price point, it is the best you can get.

The guitar plays beautifully. It has that soft Ed-Sheeran touch to it, simply because of how simple, soft, and clear this guitar sounds. Its sound is something that you, and the others would want to hear (only if you are playing it correctly, otherwise no one would want to hear).

The guitar also comes with a nice little gig-bag. So, you won’t need to invest in a bag for your guitar, which comes quite handy if you’re a person who likes to travel a lot or is a student.

If you are interested in this guitar. Then you can get it from Amazon via this link.

Yamaha FG820 Left-Handed Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha is another great option if you want to get yourself a left-handed guitar in a budget without compromising any sort of quality.

If you are not comfortable with the Martin pick, then I would suggest this one. The guitar itself comes in many different attractive colors, so if you’re someone who is into customization, then defiantly check this series out.

The top of the guitar is made with a solid Sitka Spruce. It has Mahogany back and sides which give it a premium feel to it. It also has an adjustable truss rod, which is always nice to see a guitar.

This guitar sounds a little stronger than the Martin one. Thus, if you are into loud, and strong sounding guitars, then this one is your best take.

The guitar is made by Yamaha, so they are not compromising on the quality. If you are looking for a solid guitar that would last you for a long time, then this is perfect.

You can get this guitar from Amazon from here.

Ibanez Performance Series PF15 Left-Handed Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This is another excellent guitar if you are on a tight budget. By tight I mean around 200 dollars. This guitar is simply the left-handed version of their famous PF15.

Everything of this guitar is designed in a very nice fashion. The body of the guitar is composed of a sturdy top made of Sitka spruce combined with mahogany, which is also used on the back and sides. The neck of the guitar is also made of mahogany wood in order to balance the style of the guitar with the back and the arms, above all the entire body, is completed with a polished brush and comes only with the natural color of the instrument, but a little more reflective.

This guitar sounds exactly as their original PF15 does, which is great. It has a nice bright tone to it, which is kind of on a medium side of things. You can pretty much do anything with this guitar, as you can do with the original. Therefore, there are no complaints in the sound section.

If you check this guitar out from this link.

Seagull S6 Original Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is a left-hand version of their original, award-winning S6 original. Thus it can be easily said that it is one of the top left-handed guitars in the market right now.

This is a full-sized guitar, thus it is more suitable for adults. The top of the guitar is made up of solid Cedar, and the neck of this guitar is slightly longer. That is not a bad thing as the guitar is comfortable to hold. It has a silver leaf maple neck, the back, and the sides are made up of wild cherries. In the end, the finish of the guitar is semi-glossy which gives it a very vibrant look.

This guitar does not sound the loudest, it gives a very ‘tight’ and concise tone.

If you are looking a something like this, then do check it out from over here.

Fender PM-1 Standard Mahogany Dreadnought Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar

If we talk about Fender, we talk about quality. And by far, Fender has the most lavish guitars in the market.

If you are a left-handed person, this is the best guitar you can get. The guitar is made up of Mahogany, on its top, back and sides. It comes along with aa “C” neck with rosewood fingerboard.

This is one of the latest types of acoustic guitar you can get on the market, which has a modern touch with it.

When we talk about sound – it is just simply amazing. I mean, it is Fender after all. It comes with a booming acoustic tone, which is pleasant to the ear.

You can buy it from Amazon from here.


These were the top left-handed guitars that I would recommend to anyone. Being left-handed is a disadvantage, as there are many great guitars in the market.

You can also learn how to play the guitar with your right hand, as it is not that common among left-handed guitarists.

If you are interested in the best regular classical guitars, then click on this link.


Are there guitars for left handed?

Yes, as we discussed in this post, there are guitars for left handed people as well. However, they are less available than right handed ones.

What is the difference between left and a right handed guitar?

• In terms of their neck, the right handed and left handed guitars vary. A right handed guitar’s neck is on the guitarist’s left side while a left handed guitar’s neck is on the guitarist’s left side.
• On their strings, the right handed and left handed guitars are also distinct. Left handed guitar strings are put upside down so that left handed guitarists can easily play them.
• On the opposite side is the body of the left hand guitar. This is in contrast to a right-hand guitar’s body location. The cutaway of a left handed guitar is located directly below the high E string.
• Left-handed guitar tuners are mounted on the opposite side of the headstock. This way, even with a fussing side, the guitarist can use it.

How should a left handed person hold a guitar?

The person should hold the guitar in a postion that is natutal and comfortable for him.

Can a left-handed person play a right handed guitar?

Ofcourse they can. It all depeneds how you train your hands to play the guitar. There are many famous left-handed guitarist who play with their right hands.

How long does it take to learn the guitar?

It depends on how much time you give. It can take you between 6-18 months to be good at the guitar. Even 3 months if you play it daily.

Can I restring a right handed guitar to a left handed guitar?

Yes, you can restring a guitar upside down and make a right handed guitar be playable as a left handed you. You might want to check my article on it can left-handed people play a right handed guitar.

Is it harder to learn guitar left handed?

Not exactly. It is as hard as to learn a right-handed guitar for a right handed person. At all depends on how much you practice with it.

What does left handed guitar mean?

The guitar as we know it today is set out so that the right hand is the one who does the strumming, plucking or picking, while kept in its majority playing position. That is a right-handed guitar. A left-handed one is the guitar that allows you to do these things with your left hand.

Do left handed guitars cost more?

A decent guitar can cost from $150 to several thousads. Although you can get a decent left-handed guitar for around $200, but they are slightly more expensive due to their lack of market size.

What percentage of guitarists are left handed?

10% of the world’s population is left-handed. So, out of 10 guitarists, 1 person would be a left handed guitarist.