5 Gifts under $100 for guitar players

Looking for a gift or gifts for the guitar player in your life? With this list we recommend the gifts they will love – but that won’t break the bank. The best gifts are the ones that show the person you know what they like. If the special someone in your life loves guitars, then we promise this list won’t miss. Keep reading for gifts under $100 for guitar players.

1. DIY Guitar Kit

For the person who loves guitars and loves to build, this is the perfect gift. Building an electric guitar gives a depth of love for the instrument. Stain the wood for an extra bit of customization.

DIY Electric Guitar Kit
  • Comes with all parts and all electronic components
  • Easy assembly
  • Good sound
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2. Guitar Amp

The most classic gift for someone with an electric guitar. When we bought it, we mistook it as a beginner practice amp but oh boy we were wrong. Our cheap guitar sounded like a real guitar because of it.

Donner Electric Guitar Amplifier 10 Watt Classical Guitar AMP
  • A lot of sound for a little amp
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Solid construction
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08/19/2022 07:15 pm GMT

3. Effect Pedal

Effect pedals are incredibly cool. They change the sound of electric guitars – to the point it makes the guitar sound like something completely different. Its the next step any electric guitar player will want to take after (a) learning to play and (b) having an amp.

The pedal space is as diverse as they come. Our favorite to start with though is Cry Baby Wah Guitar Effect Pedal. Used by the greats like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton.

Cry Baby Standard Wah
  • Classic sound
  • Solid - "unbreakable"
  • Easy to use
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08/19/2022 07:27 pm GMT

4. Ebow for guitar

Ebow stands for electronic bow. Instead of using a pick you use the ebow which vibrates the string for you. It mimics the sound of strings, horns – sounds that are usually unavailable for an electric guitar to produce.

Checkout this video for a demonstration of what is possible with the ebow:

Electronic Bow for Guitars
  • Produces unique sounds
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with patch cables and batteries
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08/19/2022 08:32 pm GMT

5. Gig bag

Gig bags are like clothing – a guitar player’s fashion statement. If you want a simple high-quality gift, then a gig bag might be the way for you to go. The thicker the better, if only for the protection of the guitar. A thin case is little better than wrapping it in a sheet. I recommend gator cases since they balance quality with price.

Gator Case For Electric Guitars
  • Adjustable Backpack Straps
  • Fits Most Stratocaster and Telecaster Style Guitars
  • Lots of padding, fits like a glove!
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08/19/2022 08:48 pm GMT


There you have it 5 AWESOME gifts under $100 for guitar players. We hope this was just the inspiration you needed and that you’ll see a smile on your loved one’s face when they see how well you know them.

Until next time! Take care 😄