Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar Review

Everyone knows that Fender has some of the best guitars in the market, and Squier by Fender Mini Strat is most probably the best electric guitar that you can get for your child. 

Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar is not only ideal for kids, but anyone with smaller hands, or simply wants a good, solid, compact electric guitar.  

Strats are very versatile electric guitars. They can be used to play from any heavy metal song to the latest pop songs – with style!

This guitar is most probably the best electric guitar for your money. And in this is the Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar Review. 

Fender Squier 3/4 Size Kids Mini Strat Electric Guitar

-3/4 Size

-Maple C Shaped Top

- Laminated Hardwood Body

- Laminated 20 Fret Hardwood Fingerboard

- With Volume Control

- 5 Pickup Switching

- Perfect kit: Amplifier, Cable, Guitar Straps, Guitar Picks, Tuner, Instructional DVD

Age: 9+
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08/20/2022 06:37 am GMT


This guitar has a typical Stratocaster body, as Fender likes to have their guitars the iconic look. 

This instrument is a solid 3/4-size  guitar. The body is made up of laminated hardwood with a polyurethane finish. The fingerboard is also laminated hardwood and the neck is “C” shaped, which is made up of maple. 

The scale length of the guitar is 22.75″ (578 mm) while the fingerboard radius is 9.5″ (241 mm), making it very comfortable to hold and reach.There are 20 frets on the board and their size is medium.  

The build quality of this guitar is top of the notch. It is strong, sturdy, feels solid in the hand. Almost everything you could want from an electric guitar. 


The hardware of this guitar is what you would find in any standard Strat guitar.

It has three single-coils and a five-way switch for tonal control. Apart from that, the Fender also added a standard Volume control: for master volume control and master tone control. This is quite handy as you will be able to control the volume of your guitar. 

This guitar comes with a package. It as everything you could need to start properly playing your guitar.  In this package, you will receive:

  • A guitar strap to hold your guitar properly 
  • A clip on tuner to properly tune your guitar 
  • A set of picks. If you lose one, you will still have plenty 
  • A cleaning cloth to properly clean your guitar
  • And most importantly, an instruction book for beginners. 


When it comes to the instrument’s sound quality, honestly, it sounds like a Fender Start. Although an expert might me able to tell the difference, due to the budget constraint. But to a normal person, it sounds just like the original. 

With all the frequencies covered, warm basses and clear highs, the tone is punchy, light and bright. Even if we look at a thin tone in comparison to the read deal (a 10 times lower price, too), however, through a bigger amp it sounds just like a regular stratocaster.

The strings are of good quality and they will not be getting out of tune that easily.

In short, this guitar is excellent sound quality for it’s price. 


Overall, Squier by Fender Mini Strat is an excellent electric guitar for it’s price. It is targeted towards kids, but I can see anyone playing this guitar. It comes with a great package. The guitar itself is very versatile – almost anything can be played on it. If you you are looking for a good electric guitar for your kid while staying in a budget, or even want a good travel electric guitar, then this guitar is for you.  

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