Best Guitar Books for Kids – Making Learning Fun

Best Guitar Books for Kids

Not only children’s guitar books are incredibly fun, but they deliver the content in such a way that learning becomes a breeze.

If you are a parent, and recently got your kid a guitar. Then I highly recommend you to buy a guitar book for him or her.

Having a guitar guide book is extremely useful, if that kid has never played guitar before. Even if he has, having a reference book that you can take guidance from any time can be very convenient.

There are many nice guitar books for children in the market. However, in this list, I would talk about only 5. These books will enable your child to learn the guitar in fun manner. If you are the one teaching your kid the guitar, then these books will help you in your quest in step by step, stress-free way.

This is a book that I highly urge you people to buy. Honestly, this might be the best book in the market today.

It is aimed towards kids that are 4 and above, and it is wonderful. The thing I like about this book is; that it comes with a CD. This CD is excellent when it is used along with the book.

The methodology to play the guitar is broken down into very simple and fun steps for kids. Such as single finger chord, then double finger chord.  Furthermore, this book covers the basic 3 string version of C, G7 and D7 chords. Which in my opinion, is best suited for kids to learn. Then it goes on to teach how to play simple chords. Along this, the kids are also taught how to read music in a fun manner.

This book has everything that your child needs to kick start his guitar journey. If you are interested in this book, then you can get a copy of this book from here.

This book is perfect for kids of all age and sizes. It is a self-learning book, meaning it has all the material to learn the guitar on your help. It has the basics explained in a fun, colorful manner. Furthermore, it has a lot of mini-lessons to help your kid take its first guitar steps.

The contents of this book contain from how to hold the guitar to basic elementary songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

I recommend this book if your child has no previous knowledge of guitar before, and it is totally worth of its price. If you are interested, you can get this book from this link.

100 Songs For Kids: Easy Guitar With Notes & Tab is an excellent book to teach your kid songs. As the name suggests, this book has 100 easy songs that you can teach your kid with minimal guitar knowledge.

Although, this is not a how to play the guitar book. This book is meant for kids who have experienced playing guitars and know a chord or two.

You should buy this book when you want to take whatever your child has learnt into practice. It is a very encouraging book as your child would be able to utilize whatever he has learnt before. Thus, making him more motivated to do more.

I recommend this books for parents who are willing to increase the level of their kid’s guitar. If your child is able to follow this book, then he would be easily able to play songs for your friends and family.

If you are interested to buy this book, then you can get it from this link.

Now this guitar book is perfect for kids around 6 years old.

It is a picture, illustrated guide. Which has all the basic fundamentals of the guitar covered. Since it is a picture book, it would be very easy for your kid to understand and learn.

The thing I like about this book is that it has pictures which guides the reader to where to place his hands and fingers while playing the guitar. In fact, almost everything is explained with pictures.

If you are interested to buy this book, then you can get it from this link.

Guitar for Kids – Best for kids for Ages 5-9

This is another popular book by Hal Leonard. This book contains a fun and easy to follow along course to teach kids guitar. This book is primarily for electric and acoustic guitars; but you can even follow it with a simple classical guitar.

This book has many popular songs inside it, which makes learning more fun. The simple yet powerful methods used by this book allows the child to learn efficiently and effectively.

This is a great resource and I highly recommend this book to parents whose kids are eager to learn the guitar, and show interest.

You can get a copy of this book from over here.