Yahama JR1 FG acoustic guitar is the perfect choice if you are on a budget but want a good children guitar. This acoustic guitar is perfect for kids who are just starting to learn the guitar. The JR1 acoustic guitar is made from wood, giving a premium experience to your child. This guitar has the right size, the right price and the right build quality making it the best investment for your child to get into acoustic guitars. This read is the review of Yahama JR1 FG acoustic guitar in which we will account everything that tou need to know. 


Yamaha likes to keep their guitars simple. They have gone for a 3/4 size in this case which makes it a solid and compact guitar to hold. Yahama came down with spruce top for their choice for this guitar, which is not bad. They have gotten a rosewood fingerboard and bridge with martini as it’s back and sides. Overall, with a solid top and body, this guitar has a decent body for its price. 


As Yahama JR1 FG acoustic guitar is not one from their premium models, we can see lower quality hardware if you compare it with a $500 guitar, however, this is what makes affordable guitars affordable. This is seen in the entire industry. When the manufactures have to lower the cost, they cut down on the hardware side. Yahama JR1 FG has simple tuners, rosewood bridge fitted with a compensated synthetic bone saddle. The nut is also made of this material. Overall, you should not feel any problem with the hardware of this acoustic guitar.    


Although we can see some cost reduction in hardware department of Yahama jJR1 FG, but they have not compromised on the sound of the guitar. However, being a guitar designed for kids, it has a relatively weaker sound, and a lack of low end response. But this is natural with every compact guitar. Trebles are crisp and clean, while the mid-range does a decent job at compensating for the lower part of the frequency range. Overall, you will hardly find a better sounding travel guitar for the money.



Overall, Yahama JR1 FG acoustic guitar is fantastic guitar for he money. It is the perfect acoustic guitar for your child to get into the world of acoustic guitars. It is highly affordable with great sound quality. With a bit of tune-up and maintenance, you can notch up the quality of the sound of this guitar, and increase its life span.