Our Top Books For Kids To Learn The Violin

In my opinion, the violin is one of the most beautiful instruments out there, and the kids love it. Although it could seem a little daunting to start off the instruments, that is only if you do not know where to begin with. That is why we have so many amazing books in the market to help you with your child to learn this amazing instrument. So, if you have recently bought a violin for your kid, then this article is for you. As in this read, we would talk about our favorite and the best violin books for kids.

Learning the Violin, Book One: Expanded Edition

Now, this is a book I would recommend for absolute beginners, for kids who just got into violins. This is an excellent book, not only for kids but for anyone who is just starting out the violin.

This book explains the instrument thoroughly. One thing I love about this book is that it takes one step at a time. It will not be teaching you two things at the same thing, it will teach you one, and then move on to the other.

The book starts off with short exercises, which are easy to read and understand, and then slowly progress towards a bit lengthy ones. It is targeted towards kids aged 5 to 9, but I would recommend this to anyone who has difficulty reading the notes.

I would highly recommend this book to buy for your child if he doesn’t have any prior musical experience, or is just starting out. This book would do him wonders.

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The Violin Fun Book: for Young Students

This is one of the best books available in the market for kids to learn the violin. It is an extremely beginner-friendly book, that has big notations and pictures to attract the child.

Since this is a children’s violin book, thus it is made to attract them as well. The name of the songs in this book is funny (at least to kids), which makes them enjoy learning the song.

Since this book has big pictures, annotations, notes – it is not difficult for the child to read the book on his own as well. Although, I wouldn’t call this a lesson book, but more of a supplement book for a kid who already knows aa little about the violin.

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My First Violin Fun Book: For ages 4 to 7

This is another great violin book to introduce it to your kid. Although this one is for very little kids, who just like to play the violin.

This book doesn’t go much in-depth with how to play the violin, but it would at least make your child familiar with the instrument, and basic stuff regarding it.

This book has other activities in it as well; such as coloring and drawing the violin. Therefore, if you are a parent whose child is showing interest in the violin, or you want your child to pick off this amazing instrument, then I would recommend this book.

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Sassmannshaus, Kurt – Early Start on the Violin

This is a slightly advanced book for your kid. Although this can be the perfect first purchase for your kid as well, however, it is not that beginner-friendly as the previous books are.

The previous books had large shapes, notes, notations, and figures – while this one has a normal-sized one, as it is more focused on teaching the violin.

Early start on the violin has great beginner exercises, and colorful pictures to keep your child engaged as he or she is learning. However, I would suggest this book as the second book for your child.

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The Big Book of Disney Songs: Violin 

The big book of Disney Songs is one of my favorite books. Although this is not your traditional how to play or learn the violin, it more focused on songs.

One of the great things about this book is that they have made the songs easier, for the kids to play them. Now, these songs might not be exactly the same as the Disney songs, but it will give your child a pretty fun experience.

I highly recommend this book if your child knows how to play the violin, and now he is looking for something ‘more’ to explore.

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