Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar Review

Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar is one of the best budget acoustic guitar in the market – it only costs $50.

Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar is a relatively small guitar, but do not let the small size of the guitar to fool you. It is a solid guitar. With good sound quality, strongly built and has a beautiful body.

It is the perfect guitar for anyone: a child, an adult or an elder. Anyone who wants to learn or even have a try at an acoustic guitar.


The first thing to note is that the guitar is 7/8 scale. This is slightly bigger than you 3/4 size guitar but smaller than a full sized guitar. Making it useable by almost everyone of every age. 

We can see that rouge acoustic guitar went with the classical look. It has a sturdy maple neck and a classic rosewood fingerboard. Maple allows the guitar to be held comfortably, which is always a nice thing. 

The build quality of this guitar is solid. Although it is a 50 bucks guitar, but it does not feel cheap in the hand. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at too. 


In the hardware department, we can see that this is a 6 stringed guitar. With 6 sets of solid tuner as well which you would be using to keep your guitar tuned for a long period of time.

Another great thing about rouge acoustic guitar is that it also includes rosewood bridge without pins. This allows the guitar to have proper intonation and tension right of the box – you won’t be having a tough time dealing with the tuning of the guitar. 


One thing to take a note is that this is a $50 guitar, and there are guitars which cost over a $1000 dollars so obviously this guitar is not going to sound like the best guitar. 

However, considering it’s price, the guitar sounds very good. Yes, fret noise is present but the fact is that this guitar plays very well. 

For a beginner, the sound of this guitar is right enough to make them feel what an expensive acoustic guitar would sound like – rogue acoustic guitar gives a premium feel of what the guitars further up in the line would sound like. 

The guitar is made up of maple. It sounds strong, with a punch driven sound. Personally, I think its enough for a starter to know how well he is progressing. And that is what you should be expecting from this guitar.  


Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar is purely a guitar for the money. It costs $50. 

It is a value guitar so do not expect it beat professional acoustic guitars, but for its price, it is a very good deal. It has everything  a beginner could ask for. There are so. many budget acoustic guitars out there that it could make a person frustrated in deciding which one to buy. But in my opinion,  save yourself time and money and get this guitar.

It is $50, you will not regret it.