Problems That Left-Handed Guitar Players Face

Although there are a quite a few benefits of being a left-handed guitar player. However, the problems they face exceeds far more than benefits.  Yes, I know. There have been many guitars left handed guitar players, and there still are.

But the main problem of being a left-handed guitar player is that there are far less left-handed guitars available in the market compared to right handed guitars. And that is not all of it.

You can argue that companies like Fender, Cordoba, Gibson and several other companies are manufacturing left-handed guitars. But then again, they are rarely available and at a higher price.

The reason why we have so many right-handed guitars, and so little left-handed guitars is because of two things.

  • First of all, lefties make up less than 10% of the world’s population. Therefore, the market for left-handed guitars is far less than right handed guitars. If the market is less for a product, then it means the company will not pay much attention to it as it would not be able to generate profits for them.
  • Secondly, these days everything is made on bulk. There is this term called economics of scale. In layman’s term, this is basically the maximum number of products you can make in order to reduce your cost. The less number of products you make, the higher cost will it be for you overall. And since, the market for left-handed guitars is low. It is not in the favor of small companies – economically, to make left-handed guitars.

Companies exists to make profits after all.

Well, now you know why companies are reluctant to make left handed guitars. Now, on to the actual problems that left-handed guitarists face.

You Can’t Just Pick Up Any Other Guitar

If you are at a party, or even at your university and you see a guitar lying around. Then you simply just cannot play it as it would most probably be a right-handed guitar. Now, if you are a right-handed guitarist then you could have had easily picked it up – lefties are denied from this.

You can always play it upside down, but that would lead you into awkward positions.

Finding the Right Guitar Is More Difficult

If you are looking for a decent classical guitar, then you might need to pray your stars before you go to shop. It is difficultly to find good left-handed guitars on budget. You might find very expensive ones, but not everyone can afford them.

Teaching Can Be a Problem

As left-handed guitars are sort of ‘mirrored ‘versions of right handed guitars. Therefore, it would be difficult for others to learn from you as they would have to do opposite of what you are doing. So, teaching the guitar could be a problem for left-handed guitarists.

You Need to Do Extra Research

Unlike with right–handed guitars. For whom you can simply go out and purchase a guitar. Lefties have to do a bit of research to find the guitar you are looking for. In many of the cases, if you blindly go and buy a guitar from the shop without prior proper research; then you might be finding yourself returning the guitar after a few days.

So, What Can I Do Now?

There are a few things to consider while being a left-handed guitarist.

You can always learn how to play the guitar with your right hand. And that is what I recommend as well. As then you will rid yourself from the problems I have listed above.

Alternately, you can convert the right-handed guitar into a left-handed. The process is pretty tedious, and I am not in the favor of it. However, if you want, you can go for it.

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