Best Cheap Electric Guitars For Beginners: 2022 Buying Guide

Did you know that the guitar is the second most played instrument in the whole wide world? Well, now you do. In this read, we won’t be talking about all kinds of guitars in this article, but focus more on the best electric guitars in the market right now.

The reason for the popularity of this great instrument among people is that it offers people to explore their creativity through sound. The guitar can be an utmost source for the fuel to your mind’s creativity. Music is said to be a universal language as it needs no words to be described, all one has to do is to play with an open heart. That is why kids love playing the guitar

Even researches have proved that not only humans but animals also respond to music. Therefore, when we are talking about conveying a message to the whole wide world. The guitar tops the list as the sufficiency of the notes let the user create such combinations of tunes and effects that fit for almost any genre.

The millennials are more fond of pop-rock. In today’s world, it is the most preferred and the topmost genre on the billboards. The foremost reason for its popularity among this generation is found to be that genres like jazz, rock, pop, and eclecticism evokes a sense of openness to experience among its listeners. It makes them happy, let them forget their worries for a moment, and make them dance in the streets. Well, this article is definitely here to guide all of you on how to do that as well!

You must be wondering that all those top-notch guitars owned by the musicians must cost a fortune. Profoundly it’s not the case. We are not going to let you give up on your dream and career even before it is started. In this article, we will tell you about the best budget electric guitars that you can easily find and play and all within $500.

Our Electric Guitar List At A Glance

Important Things To Know Before Investing In An Electric Guitar

Here are some things I want you to know. These questions and information would help you to make an educated and informed decision.

What’s the Difference between an Acoustic and Electric Guitar?

Some people find electric guitars scary, just because of the number of switches in them, while in actuality acoustic guitars almost have the same amount of switches as well. Although there are some major differences which are described below:

  • Resonator and Amplification: The acoustic guitar is able to resonate and produces mild tunes without any amplifier whereas electric guitar has no resonator and needs to be amplified.
  • Flexibility: Not many upgrades are available for the acoustic guitar as they are usually limited to one tune. On the contrary, Electric guitars offer you flexibility as you can explore a whole lot of new options for creating innovative tunes with upgrades such as amps and effective pedals. All these add a new flavor to your tune.
  • Production of sound: An acoustic guitar relies on soundboard vibrations to generate mellow music on the other hand electric guitars have pickups that work on the principle of magnetic interactions.
  • Portability: Electric guitars are smaller, easier to play, and move rather than an acoustic one.
  • Strings: An acoustic guitar has thicker strings normally made of thin steel in the contrast electric guitar has lighter and thinner strings.
  • Cost: due to fewer features an acoustic guitar can easily be available for $40-$200. Electric guitars can be ranging from $100-$1000.

The above-mentioned differences might help you to make up your mind to make a choice. But importantly it should be acknowledged that both the guitars have their own significance and even though one can be better than the other in some areas both are an asset for the music industry and quality of the sound and tunes provided by both have their distinct prominence.  

However, if you are a beginner, then I would recommend getting an electric guitar. Since with electric guitars, you can instantly spot a mistake while you are playing the guitar.

What features to consider while buying an electric guitar?

This is the most important question of all. It is considered that you might be looking for a low-cost guitar as being a beginner. It should be duly noticed that cost isn’t the only parameter that comes in the way of buying an electric guitar.

While you’re considering buying one the guitar you like. These are some features that you should look for in whatever model of an electric guitar you’re settling with:

  • Frets and strings closer: Any guitarist would advise a beginner to choose such an electric guitar for him that has the strings and the fretboard closer or at least according to the length of the guitarist’s fingers. In this way, the guitarist is offered better gameplay.
  • Compatibility: A large number of guitars are now available with left-handed or right-handed compatibility. A guitarist must look for such a guitar and be sure of the compatibility.
  • Bridge: two bridges are there; tremolo and fixed. Tremolo is better for metal styles where you can bend strings altogether. A fixed bridge offers better tuning.
  • Pickups: Two types of pickups for an electric guitar are available; single coils and double coil. Single coil pickup has a thin single-coil and produces a flat sound whereas double coil pickup, also called Humbucker pickups, have two thin coils wounded in the same direction on magnets and produce a thicker sound. Conclusively, for a beginner, a better exposure will be provided with such electric guitar that has both pickups with a selector for each option.
  • Tuner: The choice of tuner matters a lot. The pitch and the sound of your guitar are dependent on the type of tuner.
  • Body: Last but not the least, the body style of the guitar is important for your personality and impression. The guitar should not be too big or too small for your size. The best way to analyze that would be to try it playing and testing. The quality of wood doesn’t matter the most because sometimes low-quality wood can also produce a great sound.

I recommend reading our article on the Components of The Guitar. It would help you to visualize all of this.

Best Budget Electric Guitars:

Coupled with the above-stated features to consider while buying an electric guitar, the most important factor is the price. This is the foremost considered parameter while looking for anything.

Price is the first thing that catches one’s eye but it won’t be wiser to decide on something just for a nickel and dime.

The cost of an electric guitar can range from $200- $1000. To save you for just falling for the cheapest and unworthiest electric guitar, we have reviewed the most reasonable and par excellence electric guitars for you that will serve you well for its price.

Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster        

This is one of the best electric guitars in the market right now. It comes with a stylish body style, in 8 enchanting colors. Its main features include budget-friendly, easy playability, and compatibility. You can play and create versatile sounds. Its specifications are described below:


  • It has an Alder wood body with a 3-ply pickguard for protecting the guitar’s body.
  • It has a C shaped neck that facilitates the guitarist to play chords without difficulty.
  • The neck is made up of maple and has a satin finish that means you won’t have to worry about the guitar slipping away from your hands.
  • It is equipped with two single-coil pickups which result in a bright tone.
  • It has a 6-saddle bridge and comes with a varying range of adjustments.
  • These guitars are popular for their simplicity. A selector switch, a master volume knob, and a master tone knob is present.
  • These guitars offer a great deal of compatibility as they are available for both rights and left-handed people.

Adler makes these guitars light weighted and easy to carry. Each pickup offers a distinct and bright tone.

In conclusion, Squier by Affinity Telecaster is a total package for a beginner, or simply if you want to expand your guitar collection on a budget. If you are interested in this guitar, then you can check it out from Amazon.

Amazon product

Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Ibanez GRX70QA is the most affordable and finest electric guitar according to its down to earth price. The sound quality of these guitars is pretty decent and you can play various genres easily on it. These beauties are available in four cool colors on amazon; blue, black, green, and red.


  • This electric guitar is made up of a poplar body with a shining quilted maple top that gives it a gorgeous look.
  • It has a maple neck which is popular for its great tones response.
  • These electric guitars have medium frets along with a rosewood fingerboard and pearl dot inlay. These specifications make it easy to play.
  • These guitars are provided with power sound pickups and come with a selector as well to switch between single-coil and humbucker pickups.
  • The selector also allows the guitarist to switch to a mode between half a single-coil and a half humbucker pickup.
  • These guitars have a tremolo bridge.
  • Volume and tone knobs are present in these guitars.

Overall, this is one of the best budget electric guitars in the market right now. It has good sound quality and solid electronics along with a charismatic body. Its affordability and specifications make it the best fit for a beginner to practice on it also matches the criteria as discussed in the above sections.

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Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar

Here’s one of the most popular electric guitar! Its classical design is one of the key features for which it is popular. Besides being an affordable electric guitar it has a lot to offer. Its sound quality is great. The other features include:


  • It is a flat-bodied, solid guitar built of mahogany material.
  • The body and neck both have a satin finish.
  • Fretboard material is rosewood and has 21 frets of medium-jumbo size.
  • Equipped with a 3-way selector and master volume and tone knobs.
  • The neck is of mahogany material as well.
  • Equipped with 650R humbucker pickup at the neck and 700T humbucker at the bridge.

These guitars are well-known for their quality and reliability. If you’re looking for a long-lasting guitar. An investment that you might repeat after some time. Then this is the one for you.

Its robust sound quality, ease in playability due to its neck design, and budget-friendliness make it the a really good choice for all kinds of guitarists.

Amazon product

Traveler Guitar 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

If you frequently travel a lot or someone a guitarist who likes to take his beloved instrument everywhere. Then this electric guitar is the most suitable option for you!

These guitars are handy, light weighed, and have ecstatic looks. These are available in eye-catching colors like; Electric Yellow, Matte Black, Gloss Black, Gloss White, Hot Pink, Maple, Slime Green, and Torino Red.  Fascinating right? Some other specifications are mentioned below:


  • The neck of traveler guitar Ultra-light electric is a single piece Eastern American hard maple neck.
  • These are available in three types of fretboards; maple fretboard, black walnut fretboard, and rosewood fretboard.
  • These are lightly weighted, to be specific only 3 lbs and 2 oz.
  • They are small i.e 28 inches long which makes them easy to carry.
  • These have an In-tuning body system.
  • The dual rail humbucker pickup provides a full tone with plenty of output.
  • These guitars offer a great deal of compatibility as they are available for both rights and left-handed people.

These compact size electric guitars are an excellent choice. These also come with a rechargeable battery and a USB cable. A standard sized case along with an extra pocket is another plus. These can be a perfect travel partner for you.

Amazon product

Squier by Fender Affinity Series Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar

It’s a masterpiece by Fender Affinity. Fender is a reputable brand so its quality is no objection. The appealing design of these guitars is one of the reasons for their increased sales. Over 9 different glossy colors are available in this model. It’s one of the best electric guitars available to start your music career with. The detailed specification is below:


  • It has an Alder wood body with a Polyurethane Finish and a 3-ply pickguard.
  • The neck is C shaped and maple wood and satin-finished. C shaped neck provides easy playability whereas satin makes the guitar not slip from one’s hand while playing.
  • Fingerboard material is Laurel.
  • Frets are medium jumbo-sized.
  • Provides 5-way pickup switching.
  • It has three pickups; humbucking bridge pickup and single-coil neck and middle pickups.
  • Equipped with die-cast chrome tuners for smooth tuning.

It also comes with some accessories like a gig bag, instructional DVDs, and picks sampler. For beginners, it is the best fit as the cons don’t really matter at the beginner’s level. It is well priced for the functions and quality it is offering.

Amazon product


Given these points, we hope this article has been of some use to all the music lovers, especially guitar enthusiasts, out there. It will be highly advised to always research for whatever product you’re going to buy and never settle for something undeserving. Although money can be a huge factor while searching for electric guitars. Therefore, there is plenty of budget and worthy electric guitars available for you. You must look for something that inspires. Look up to your favorite musicians if you’re stuck in making a choice.

As far as features of the electric guitar are concerned, you must look for comfort and compatibility while buying one for yourself. Most importantly, it should be acknowledged that knowing how to play an instrument opens numerous doors musically and socially. Moreover, electric guitars are versatile instruments that are worth every penny of investment.

If you are interested in kids’ electric guitars, then you should read our article on the best electric guitars for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which style of music uses electric guitar?

Electric guitars are widely used in music genres like Rock, Metal, Pop, Country and in sub genres of these. Moreover, they also have prominent roles in other styles like Jazz or Hip-Hop.

How much power is needed by electric guitar?

According to sources, power consumed by an electric guitar on an average is 0.018 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per guitarist each day.

What essentials you need along with an electric guitar?

The kit along with an electric guitar might involve an amp, guitar lead, tuner and picks.

Which guitar a beginner should opt for?

Having said that both electric and classical guitars have the same foundation but for a beginner it’s better to practice on the classical one and build techniques.

Which is the cheapest electric guitar available and for how much?

Glarry GST offers the cheapest electric guitars on amazon for $69.99.

Can an electric guitar be affected by power transfers?

Yes, electronic equipment are sensitive and frequent power transfers can affect the guitar’s efficiency.

Why do we need a pickup along with an electric guitar?

An electric guitar has a deficiency of a sound box. Pickups are used in order to catch the vibrations of the strings.