Best Travel Guitars

Obviously, you can’t take your guitar everyone you go. If you do that, then you are going to damage your precious guitar. So what do you do about that, do you miss your guitar when you are out of the city; on a trip, camping, or even to your college? Then you need a travel guitar.

Travel guitars are great. These are the guitars that are specifically made for travel. These aren’t just smaller sized guitars, but guitars that are made in a way that you can easily fit in your backpack, or fit it within your luggage without taking much space!

In this article, I would like to talk about the best possible travel guitars that are out there in the market as of now. I would be talking about both; acoustic and electric guitars, so you would find exactly what you’re looking for.

Before we begin, I would quickly like to list the guitars in a table, so you would know exactly what we would be talking about further within the article.

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What Is a Travel Guitar?

A travel guitar is a musical instrument that has been created for travel purposes. It was made to prevent some issues that normal guitars have while traveling. Normal guitars are not meant for outdoor use, but travel guitars are. Guitars are very susceptible to things like dust, heats, and cold, as they have many gaps in them. Therefore travel guitars were made. They are light, portable, and like every problem that normal guitars have.

Guitarists love then grates. They can’t stay away from them for a long time. That is why we see people with then beloved guitars on the streets and even schools

Some people buy or use a travel gator as they do not want to take their expensive guitar outside. Thus is understandable and logical as you would not want your 2000 dollar guitar to be damaged by water. However, the majority of people use travel guitars as they are very possible and easy to travel with.

So in short, it is a small, pastille, lightweight getter built for mobility and hard climate and enticement. This guitar can be thrown in a bog, a suitcase, or at the back of your trunk, car, or take it with you on an airplane. Travel guitars are built to last

Why Do You Need A Travel Guitar?

Life on the go can be pretty rough. Apart from scratches and scuffs, there are other things that can harm your guitar as well. Such as rain, humidity, snow, dust – all sorts of things accompany you while you travel. And all of these can have a negative impact on your guitar’s finish, electronics, strings, etc. Therefore, the best solution to avoid all of this is to get a travel guitar.

Here are some other great reasons for why you would want a travel guitar:

  • Be carefree as you travel.
  • Free up space from your car, or take less space on the bus while traveling.
  • You don’t need to be overly protective of your guitar.
  • Travel guitars are usually very light so it’s they are easy to carry around as well.

So leave that fancy, expensive, and much-loved Acoustic Guitar at home, and dive into the big, big world of travel guitars!

Where To Buy a Travel Guitar?

This is the day and age of Information. You can buy a backpacker travel getter from the local markets but I think it is easier to get one online. We have huge online marketplaces such as Amazon these days and we can get almost everything from over there. All of the travel guitars we have reviewed in this article are present on Amazon

1. Martin Steel-String Backpacker Travel Guitar

Martin steel-string acoustic guitar is one of the most popular travel guitars in the market. The reason this guitar is so popular is that Martin was able to produce an extremely high-quality guitar and make it in a very travel-fashion way. This guitar is so tiny that it can even fit inside an airplane’s overhead bins (where you usually place your bags).

As I said before, travel guitars are made light, and this one isn’t an exception as well. This guitar weighs around 2.4lbs, which is approximately 1 kg – this is extremely light!.

Since this is Martin’s guitar, it is pretty made up of the finest materials. We have a solid spruce top, with a unique fret design, and a 24-inch scale length means that you’ll never have to sacrifice quality to have an amazing travel guitar. On the top, it comes with a free bag!

This travel guitar is for backpackers. Meaning, if you are a student, or who likes to travel a lot on foot, then this might be the travel guitar for you. Sadly, the guitar has only 15 frets, but that is the cost for an extremely portable guitar.

I would recommend this guitar to almost anyone who isn’t a professional. Don’t get me wrong, this guitar sounds amazing, but with only 15 frets, you cannot do it all. However, if you’re a student or a hobbyist player, then this is more than perfect for you. Click the button below to check its price on Amazon.

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2. Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Nylon String Guitar

Now, this is something for the travelers who enjoy their guitars in a classical fashion. The Cordoba Mini M travel is by far the best travel nylon guitar you can find in the market as of 2020!. This instrument is truly a masterpiece.

With a sturdy spruce neck, rosewood fingerboard, and beautiful mahogany frame, this classic guitar is stunning in that elegant classical fashion. You are in for a treat if you prefer guitars made in a traditional sense.

The sound quality of this guitar as excellent as well. As with all Cordoba guitars, this guitar as a slight warm feeling to its tone as well. Nonetheless, this is one of the best sounding guitars in the market right now.

In the end, Cordoba Mini is an excellent choice as your travel guitar. It is small, it isn’t too pricey, it sounds great. It as the perfect combination of features. Unlike the previous guitar, I can easily recommend this to professionals as well. If you want to check the price of this guitar, then you can do it by the button below.

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3. Yamaha Steel String Silent Guitar

To be very honest, this is my favorite travel guitar, for many reasons, First of all, this is a silent guitar. I just love silent guitars. If you don’t know what that is, then basically, like an electric guitar, you can plug your headphones in it and play it. Which makes it perfect for travels!

This guitar is one of Yamaha’s silent series. Unlike traditional guitars, which have a soundbox of their own, this guitar doesn’t.  Instead, this guitar is equipped with the SRT Powered pickup-preamp system and an output jack, which allows you to hear the guitar being played.

I really like the idea of a silent guitar with travel, as most probably you’re going to stay with your friends, or with your parents, therefore you don’t want to disturb people living near you. So, with the help of these silent guitars, you can easily enjoy playing your beloved instrument without hurting anyone.

The Yamaha SLG200S middle section of its body is made of mahogany. The spine is also mahogany and it is surmounted by a rosewood fretboard. The detachable frame is made of rosewood and laminate with a maple.

This guitar is extremely light weighted, and it comes with several electronic settings to tone it up to your preferred liking. Although this is a silent guitar, with the proper settings, it can sound almost like a proper full-sized acoustic guitar.

Although this guitar is a bit expensive, I feel like it is more than worth its costs. It comes with a free backpack to carry it with. If you are interested in this guitar, then you can check it out via the link below.

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4. Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric

Now, this is the best travel electric guitar out there in the market. Believe it or not, this guitar is a full-scale guitar – however, it is 31% shorter and 43% lighter than a typical guitar.

Similar to the previous guitar, this one is silent as well. But in all honesty, this is another very creative guitar. The guitar weighs around 3lbs and it can fit inside almost every suitcase (although it does come with its own bag).

Another cool thing about this guitar is that it has an in-body tuning system. Meaning, your guitar won’t get out of tune by getting a knockback, or a sudden jerk while traveling. This makes sense as while traveling, your guitar is bound to get a hit or two.

Furthermore, this guitar has left and right-handed option as well. Which is nice for our lefty friends. If you are looking for a portable silent guitar, and most of all electric, then I think you should get this one. If you are interested in this guitar, then you can check its price through the button below.

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And here we have it, the best travel guitar in the market in almost every section. I wanted to make this article nice and crisp. I hope this article would give you a gist of what to buy, and help you with buying a travel guitar in an informed manner.

If you’re looking for classical guitars, then you can check out our article on the best classical guitars as well.


How much does a travel guitar cost?

Travel guitars are usually a little more expensive than regular guitars. Due to their disign and shape. However, they can cost from $150-300 on average, and climb up to a thousand as well.

What is a travel guitar?

A travel guitar is an instrument created to address some of the disadvantages to getting out a guitar and whether it’s for an outdoor or overseas trip, a long weekend or an arduous journey. When we fly, and how we travel, the toll that your musical instruments carry can impact.

Most guitarists feel lost when the mood takes them away and quite often when we’re on holiday and relaxing or meeting new people we will find ourselves hoping we didn’t leave our guitar at home. That is why travel guitars exist, to fulfil this need.