Best Guitars for College Students

The guitar is an instrument that gives emotions to the music world with its sound. Nowadays, students are getting interested in buying guitars either for their passion or time pass.

When you look at buying the guitar for the first time, make sure you put in the extra effort because it’s a lifelong decision. 

If you buy your first guitar, you may be faced with certain problems such as what size guitar you can purchase, whether it’s acoustic or electric, or whether you should buy a brand new or used device.

Let us clear your misconceptions and let you know what you should be looking for in your ideal guitar. Continue reading.

What to Look For When Buying a Guitar?

Following are some things that you should be careful of.

Does the Guitar Stay in Tune?

To check this, you should have a person at the store for conventional tuning and to play some chords in front of you.

If it sounds horrible, chances are it is not an easy instrument, it’s tough to play. You should get it tuned up. The second reason to have the device tuned up is to assess the motion.

Does the Guitar have a Straight Neck?

While buying, take a look at the neck of the guitar to see if there are no curves or bends. As your guitar must have a straight neck and prevent the strings from hitting the frets as you play. If the guitar has a bow or back bow, it can make playing the guitar more hard, especially for beginners. If you’re unsure of how to check your guitar’s neck alleviation, ask an expert.

How Far Are the Strings from the Fretboard?

The movement of a guitar or bass depends on how the strings pertain to the fretboard. The movement is something that can be adjusted pretty easily, but if the strings are exceptionally a long way from the neck, it is probably a device to pass up.

When you have completely assessed these factors, you can buy a guitar.

That said, let’s get to the list of the top 5 guitars that you should make a selection from.

Top 5 Guitars You Can Buy As College Student

An inexpensive guitar is constantly ideal. Yet, too many factors affect a guitar’s fee. The fee is often a mirrored image of the first-rate workmanship and the substances utilized in a guitar’s creation, as well as its size.

For a college student, we have assumed you are searching out a terrific guitar maximum in all likelihood a dreadnought, to be at a fairly cheaper fee. This should be a guitar that, while not the best of sophistication, needs to encourage and spur you to practice and learn, without forcing a prompt want to upgrade.

Following are some guitars that meet all such expectations. You can choose any of them.  Read on.

1.    Epiphone Hummingbird Pro

Being a Gibson-owned organization and itself one of the oldest guitar makers in the USA, Epiphone benefits from the knowledge and era of one of the guitar enterprise’s maximum recognizable brands.

This Epiphone Hummingbird pro’s is a well-known and well-made guitar. The guitar has a one-piece, stable spruce wood top, and mahogany laminate with lower back and sides. This guarantees a balanced sound that is warm and mellow. Following are some pros and cons of this guitar.


  • A low motion that is kind on freshmen’ arms
  • Mahogany is easy to grip
  • The fretboard is 20 fret – fret 
  • Reverse belly rosewood bridge with an outstanding saddle
  • A remarkable pickup that makes the acoustic sound unbelievable
  • Adjustable neck action is an awesome benefit for novices who want to build their finger power


  • The strings aren’t so good and may need up-gradation.

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2.   Yamaha FG 830

Yamaha has accumulated great recognition for creating the best musical instruments. The company has been benefiting the musical industry since 1966. The build fine of this guitar is solid and playability is amazing.

This Yamaha FG 830 has a splendid significance. You can replace the plastic saddle and nut with tusk, while the bridge pins with brass. Doing this, your guitar is nearly as promising as any luxuriously expensive guitar.


  • A solid Sitka spruce top offers exceptional vitality and a remarkable sound.
  • The guitar has a dried and well-sprayed body which is good for its impeccable appearance and good grip.
  • The acoustic/electric capability makes the guitar an enormously adaptable device.
  • The neck of the guitar is perfect neither too thick nor too slim.
  • The parts of the guitar are well organized and offer smooth control.


  • Some people may need to change the guitar strings with the higher quality ones.

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3.    Taylor BT2

Having a taste of a smaller body with complete frame sound? Taylor BT2 is the right choice for you.

Being a smaller-sized guitar gives off an awesome guitarist experience to young adults. Moreover, the third-fourth dreadnought size also offers portability advantages. If you want to carry the guitar on any journey, you can easily do so.

All in all, it’s a spectacular guitar with terrific tone and action and comes along with the proper formation and pick-up.


  • Produces a wonderful heat sound.
  • Has strong mahogany and facets, which equalizes the small body’s bright sound.
  • The all-timber used for this guitar makes it a robust and reliable guitar.
  • Comes with a journey bag that protects your guitar on the road.
  • Offers good size for human beings with smaller lengths.


  • The strings are made up of real nylon, however, some human beings may opt for steel strings.
  • The small length might also endanger playability for people with larger frames.

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4.    Fender CC-60S

Fender CC- 60S comes off in a reasonable amount and has all such qualities that a college student needs in a guitar. It comes with several add-ons. However,  it’s worth seems ridiculously low which is good for you. Having a perfect body and on-point strings is a must-have.


  • An amazing package deal that incorporates a tough case, strap, tuner, strings, picks, polishing material, and educational DVD.
  • Comes with a strong, scalloped ‘X’ braced spruce top.
  • Has a rolled fingerboard and neck edges that make the guitar simpler to play.
  • Comes with a case which is quite handy.


  • The size can be too large for humans with smaller frames.

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5.   Seagull S6 Original

Seagulls are dependent on the emblem, and this 21-agonize dreadnought is one of the reasons why. Forget the ‘entry stage’ category, this Seagull S6 original Acoustic can get up to the large boys. Having several pros, this guitar can also be your favorite if you make it.


  • A great pinnacle and facets produce clearer sounds.
  • Carries a compensated saddle for greater pitch accuracy.
  • It’s an elegantly designed, and constructed-to-last guitar that remains in tune.


  • The guitar may be more remarkably playable with a better saddle.

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Playing Guitar Is Not So Difficult!

‘How does a Guitar play in your hands’ is what amounts to something. Playing the guitar is not a difficult chore. However, you must be well familiar with the string action. This is what makes the guitar play easily and of course pleasantly.

“What is string action?” – you must be wondering, right? The space between the string and the fretboard is called action. When it says high action, you’ll probably put forth extra tension on the string so you get the note that you want to achieve. 

This action is considerable for acoustic guitars because their strings are hard to press down. This is what you have to be careful of as a beginner as this can give you a tough time. Otherwise, it’s all well.

Quick cue: You can ask a guitar maker to reduce the string action if it’s too extra or difficult for you.

Why an Acoustic Guitar and Not Electric?

Choosing a guitar must be a hard question for you as a beginner. You must be perplexed between choosing an acoustic or electric guitar.

Let’s face it. Electric guitars are easier to play as compared to acoustic ones. You won’t have to stress on the string action and stuff. You can play it with no difficulty. However, we do not encourage that. As compared to electric guitar, acoustic is a better choice.

Using it you’ll learn the basics of guitar playing. You’ll develop finger strength while learning.

You can always switch to electric guitars.

However, beginning with acoustic is a better choice.

Moreover, you won’t have to spend extra money on electric ones as they are expensive. Neither an amplifier nor a cable for this electric guitar.

The plus point is you’ll learn the strumming technique, build finger strength, and have prevailing stamina.


So, the thing is anybody can go out there and buy a guitar for himself. However, students like you who are passionate about guitar playing must keep in view every aspect.

Thus, whenever you go to the market make sure you double-check the factors that we have mentioned earlier in this post.

If not then, you can go for the mentioned guitars in the list because they are best for college students and are best for beginners as well.