Buying your first ever guitar can be an exciting experience. Especially a classical nylon string guitar for a beginner. You can be student, an adult, a mom – it is never too late to start learning a guitar. This can be as complex as looking for the best classical guitar. There are several types of guitar, such as electric, acoustic, bass, and the classical nylon string guitar, but in this read we would discussing the best classical nylon string guitar for you.

All of the guitars might look the same, but they are not in functionality. Even if we are talking about classical guitars; all of them have their unique features- they are in different in shapes, sizes, the sound they produce etc. A right guitar for you must be one that feels right, sounds right, holds right and most of all, produces the right sounds for your ears. This can be all intimidating for anyone to research, but we have done that work for you. In this read, we will list everything you need to know about buying your first guitar. From what guitars to choose from to how to set up your strings.

Below, we have complied all the guitars you would want to buy. And following this table are their reviews.

Best Classical Guitars
Best Classical Guitars For Beginners

Why Learn Classical Guitar?

You might be thinking that is classical guitar best for me as my first guitar, or some other guitar. And the answer is classical guitar, and there are many reasons for that.
First of all, classical guitars have a compact body. They are much easier to hold and have a grip on for people who are new to this instrument. Secondly, nylon string guitars are easy on your fingers, and your fingers would not be stressed by practicing it for hours. The neck width is slightly wider than an electric and acoustic guitar as well making it easier for a learner to play the chords. And as a beginner, the very first thing you should do is to spend long sessions with your guitar without any feeling of uneasiness

What Should You Look When Buying Your First Classical Guitar?

In this read, we are focused on guitars that are under the 200-dollar budget, and there is a reason for that. Although it is never wrong to spend on the things you love, but the problem with buying expensive guitars is that they are loaded with features that a normal person would not understand.

A beginner wants to have a simple, straight forward guitar.These expensive guitars are technical and therefore increases the learning curve by a significant amount. For a beginner, you should get a guitar that you can easily practice on first, fully understand the instrument and then move towards a more expensive guitar. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go for the cheapest guitar you can find. You still want a guitar that can produce quality sounds and is fun to play as that is more likely to encourage you to keep on playing. 

At this stage, I would recommend to not go into specifications into too much. You should not worry about the dimensions or the specifications of the guitars too much. Just buy the guitar that looks and feels right to you. Once you are experienced with the instrument, you would automatically understand the tonal specifications and what do you need next.

If you are totally new to guitars, then you might also want to read my article on why my hands hurt after playing the guitar. It would help you reduce the chances of getting an injury while playing the guitar.

Do I Need A Kit With My Classical Guitar?

Yes. Although you do not require a kit to play the guitar, but having a kit would make it easier and fun to play the guitar. It would increase your fun significantly.
Having a gig bag is crucial, especially if you’re a student. It would allow you to carry your guitar freely everywhere, that is why we recommend the ADM Full Size Nylon String Guitar (make this a link to amazon) as it has all the essential equipment that a beginner would need.   Then there are tuners. A digital tuner can be a really useful item for you and can help you to tune your guitar easily on the go.If you’re a guy who is rough with his tools, or wants to be extra careful and be fully equipped all of the time, then buying a few extra strings would never hurt. Accidents can happen, and a broken string should never be the reason for not playing a guitar.

This is a checklist of tools that you would want to get:
– Gig Bag
– Tuner
– Extra Strings

Yamaha CGS103

This guitar is the perfect for beginners. This guitar is not only beautiful, as it features a solid spruce top, meranti back and sides, a nato neck, and a rosewood bridge and fingerboard with a glossy finish, but produces top quality sound for under 150 USD Dollars. It is available in all sizes – this guitar is even perfect for the kids! It is a nylon string guitar which weighs around 5.25 pounds. This guitar comes with a kit that includes: a gig bag, tuner, string winder, an instructional DVD from Austin Bazzar and polishing cloth to clean up the guitar.


classical guitar yamaha

– 3/4 Size
– Solid Spruce Top 
– Comfortable Nato Neck
– Rosewood Bridge and Fingerboard 
– Meranti Back and Sides
– Glossy Finish 
– Comes With a Kit 

Protege By Cordoba C100M

Protégé is another great guitar for beginners. It is super lightweight for its size as the full sized guitar weighs only 8 pounds. It is available in ¾ and full size. It is a nylon string guitar which is beautifully built. It has a spruce top, mahogany back and the sides and it has a stain finish. A good thing about having a spruce top in a guitar is that it would sound better with age, meaning you do not have to worry about the lifetime of your guitar. The deal includes a gig bag that you can carry around with yourself and a cordoba’s digital clip tuner, which is small enough to be fitted inside the gig bag along with your guitar. This $180 package also includes 6 months of Fender Play. Fender Play is an online guitar lessons brand which would help you to become a guitar expert in no time. 

Beginner Guitar
Protege By Cordoba

– Full and 3/4 Size
– Light Weight
– Premium Savarez 500CJ Nylon Strings
– Spruce Top
– Mahogany Back and Sides 
– Responsive Sound Board 
– Comes With a Bag and Tuner

Yamaha C44011 Classical Guitar 

This is one of the cheapest full sized nylon classical guitar in the market. This guitar targets the adults with its slightly bigger profile. This is an excellent guitar for people who want to learn the guitar. Although it is only at $ 140 but it has great sound quality. The hardware of this guitar is that it has a spruce top, mertanti back and side along with rosewood fingerboard and bridge. This simple guitar is made for people who want a quality guitar on a budget. And want to build have an instrument that can lay a good foundation for their guitar learning.

Classical Guitar For Beginner
Yamaha C44011

– 7/8 and 3/4 Size
– Solid Spruce Top 
– Rosewood Bridge and Fingerboard 
– Meranti Back and Sides
– Superb Playability and Tone
– Excellent Cost Performance 

ADM Beginner Classical Guitar 30 Inch 

This guitar is perfect for your child or even you to start learning the guitar. The measurements of this guitar is  30-inch, making a small classical guitar – it is compact. Every person can hold it, and play it without any discomfort. This is an inexpensive guitar that costs only $50. This makes it one of the most affordable quality 30-inch guitar. Although it comes In many colors but all of them are made up of entirely wood, giving it a polish look and premium feel. This one is a nylon string guitar as well.  It comes with a great kit; which includes strings, guitar straps, tuners, two picks. Why buy just a guitar when you can get a kit with everything that you need at a low price? On the top, it comes with a 1-year warranty to protect against any manufacture defects. It includes everything that a beginner would need to start learning the guitar.

Guitar For Kids
ADM Beginner Classical Guitar

– 30 Inch Size
– Suitable For Children 
– 6 String Nylon Guitar  
– Comfortable Guitar With Nato Neck
– Maple Bridge and Fingerboard 
– Laminated Basswood Back and Sides
– Glossy Finish 
– Comes With a Kit

ADM Full Size Nylon String Classical Guitar

This guitar is the elder brother of the 30inch model. The guitar itself is made up of wood. The top is made up of laminated spruce. The back and the sides are made up of laminated basswood which gives it a very polish and premium look. The neck is nato so you can comfortably hold it and the fingerboard and bridge is made up of rosewood. These solid wood produce a smooth and rich sound, perfect for beginners as you will be able to hear every note that you play. The guitar itself weighs just over 8 pounds. The package includes; a gig bag, E-tuner, foot stall, stand and a few extra strings. This guitar is perfect for beginners who want the entire package in a cheap budget – it is just under $100

Nylon Guitar
ADM Full Size Nylon String Classical Guitar

– Full Size
– Laminated Spruce Top 
– Comfortable Nato Neck
– Rosewood Bridge and Fingerboard 
– Laminated Back and Sides
– Glossy Finish
– Upscale Machine Installed For Easy Tuning  
– Comes With a Kit 


Buying your first guitar is a tricky choice. It is as tricky as buying the first guitar for your child. However, the only things you need to worry at this stage is comfortability and your budget. You do not want to spend a thousand dollars on your first guitar and end up not being able to use it. Buy a simple guitar. A guitar that feels easy on your hands and makes you want to play it for hours. You might also want to read my guide on how to clean the guitar. Especially if you just bought or are thinking about buying your new guitar.