ADM Beginner Classical Guitar 30 Inch is one of the best guitars for your child, or even you to start learning the guitar. This guitar is created for the new players. People who have no experience with guitars and want to get a hang of them – if that is the case with you. Then this guitar is perfect for you to learn on. It is cheap, just around $50 and is surely the best guitar for the money if you just started learning the guitar. However, this is not the best guitar. There are other better options than this classical guitar if you are an experienced player. 

This read is the ADM Beginner Classical Guitar 30 Inch Review, and tell you all what you need to know about it. 

Is AMD a Good Guitar Company?

That depends on what you call a good guitar company, but for me, I find the company rather cute.

AMD stands for All Day Music. Which is rather a fresh name for a company that aims directly at fresh guitars and players. The company itself is a new guitar company, however, they still produce some of the best quality guitars aimed at beginners. 


This guitar is a 30 inch guitar, making it a relativly small guitar which is easy to hold. 

The top, back and sides of this guitar are made up of of laminated basswood. Neck is made out of nato wood, fingerboard and bridge are made of maple. The tuners, also known as machine heads are classical, covered with chrome. Which are easy to adjust, which helps the guitar to stay in tune. 


The hardware of this classical nylon guitar is not made with the thought of it being top of the line.

Basswood is not the most durable or every-lasting material.  It is cheap and feels a bit cheap. However, basswood is a good choice if you are aiming for beginners as in this guitar’s case. It is light, easy to hold, making it comfortable for long hours of play. Another thing to not is that the laminated body can be easily scratched so a bit of care is needed. 

ADM beginner classical guitar has nylon strings. Nylon strings are very beginner friendly. As nylon is soft, therefore it would be less stressful on the fingers. And for a beginner, you need to have long, stressless sessions with your guitar. 


The guitar is a nylon string classical guitars. Although it would be easy on the fingers, however it won’t make the loudest of the juiciest of the sounds that a metal string guitar can make. Though, ADM Beginner Classical Guitar sounds really good. 

As said before. this guitar does not pack the strongest and the most aggressive of the sounds. However, the sound of the guitar is very nice and smooth – much like of a premium guitar.

However, being a nylon string guitar, it requires some decent amount of tunings. Nylon strings can lose their tuning quite easily and adjustments need to be made. Therefore it is essential to know how to tune your guitar.   


Overall, ADM Beginner Classical Guitar is a value guitar. I can only recommend this guitar for beginners who are just starting out or aren’t sure whether they want to learn the guitar or not. The price of this guitar is only $50 and with a kit, so why not? It provides decent sound, is comfortable to hold and is worth every penny.

This guitar has a low learning curve with a low potential to grow as well.

Therefore, I only recommend this guitar to inexperienced players, beginners who need and a guitar for their first steps.